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  1. Asterix1990

    ⭐ Zutrix | Intelligent Google Rank Tracker ❇️ Flawless Accuracy & Speed, Sharable Reports, Telegram & Slack Notifications ⭐50% EXCLUSIVE BHW OFF⭐

    FAQ What are the payment options? We accept all credit and debit cards. How can I contact Zutrix? You can reach us out through [email protected] or contact form here: Can I make a Feature Request? We do have a large software development team that can implement your...
  2. SEO Ways

    [Free Review Copies] - Keyword Research and rank tracking tool

    Hello, BHW members, I'm happy to offer the review copies for SerpKit. Will provide 14 days basic plan account in exchange for the review. Sales Thread Requirements: I'd prefer the JrVip's or members with 500+ posts but will happily accept users with 200+ posts minimum Will prefer the review...
  3. ProRankTracker

    [From the creators of ProRankTracker] Simple&Powerful SERP Rank Monitor. Starting $5/m

  4. Megadevice

    What is this SERP position tracker?

    I used a lot of position trackers and SEO tools in my life. I've stick to ahrefs now, because it's my primary tool. Anyway, many people from BHW posted screenshots from this tool: What tool does this screenshot come from? I cant find name.
  5. SERPsim

    A new title and meta optimizer that actually works!

    Hey guys! Thought I should let you know about a tool I recently put together that I think you might like. It's called SERPsim and is the most accurate title and meta optimizer in existence updated with the latest pixel based limits. It also has some pretty cool features: Download title and...
  6. justone

    Questions regarding tracking your website(s) rank(s) for your keyword(s) on Google and Bing

    I am months deep into developing a professional website rank tracking software (with various reporting charts, an API, csv/json data exports, etc). This is aimed at SEO companies (as middleware service) as well as at individuals to keep track of their websites ranking progress to evaluate how...
  7. deki33

    SEO SERP Checker Service - Beta Testers and Reviewers

    Hello, We are launching SERP checker tool Pulsed next week and I'm looking for several testers and reviewers. You can see all features at **mod edit - site link is for feature info only, to apply for the review, please follow instructions below *** In short - it is super...
  8. K

    I need a good Serp Checker (Paid) to check 700 Keywords once a Month

    I need a good Serp Checker (Paid) to check 700 Keywords once a Month or pour Company Website from only. Someone got any Idea ?
  9. wealthcracker

    SERP Checker 2016

    I have tried serpbook as a trial version but i didnt like it coz not so accurate. I want to check keyword rank in google and bing both locally and worldwide. Can anyone suggest a good rank checker in 2016 which can check both local and worldwide ranking with accuracy ?
  10. wealthcracker

    How to check SERP

    Is there any free way or tool to check SERP on google & bing for keywords, i apologize if these question has been answered before?
  11. writerhere

    List of Free Tools To Track SERP Positions

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 04/05/2016 ---- One of the mistakes all the newbies do is not tracking the Search engine results page (SERP). You should always track your keywords to monitor its daily changes. It will help you in assessing your SEO efforts and over a period of time you will know what type of...
  12. S

    Charting rankings for multiple sites

    Hi I have a client who owns 15 different websites, but wants to be able to put them all in a chart so they can see which sites rank on local search for different phrases. Some of the keyphrases are the same across the sites and some are targetted differently. I can't find anything that will do...
  13. A

    How to check amazon keywords ranking on

    Hi, I have a little problem with amazon keywords serp checking, I don't know how to check on products rank on search keywords. I know manually page but i need to know another easy way as like whatsmyserp. If you know Please help me. Thanks
  14. A

    Google SERP Checker - Google Search Engine Results Page Checker v1.0

    Hello everybody, If you are a website owner or administrator, I?m sure that you really want your website get high top on search engine results page, this will help the visitors find your websites quickly and easily through Search Engine. Then you do SEO ? Search Engine Optimization for your...
  15. putrasandy

    [?] Tools for SERP checker

    hi everyone.. how do you check your SERP site especially with more than 5 keywords? what tools? usually I check with seoserp but, its take a long time to check it one by one.. so boooorring. Any idea to make it convenience...
  16. dogdog

    [GET] FREE Online Auto-Scheduling SERP Ranking Checker

    Try this online SERP Ranking checker. For the free version, it will monitor 5 keywords for a given URL on 5 search engines. We all know G**gle rank a website differently on different geographical area. So you need a tool to check multiple search engines for the 5 keywords automatically by itself...