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  1. arplayer2k

    Good SEO resource for 2019? Book or Course or Templates / Files.

    Hi, I know this topic gets asked all the time. I am looking for a good SEO resource that if nothing else, has a solid current strategy. Also any templates or files that help with the agency side of SEO, like those provided by Ryan Stewarts Blueprint course, that help systemize and organize the...
  2. S

    How to Rank Youtube Videos on 1st page ( 2019 )?

    Can you give the method for rank my youtube video to 1st page of Google or Youtube
  3. johnnoels

    need SEO help in Youtube Video

    I have create a new video for my youtube so, please check and let me know thet every think is good. and also give me suggestions.
  4. francis christin

    suggestions needed monetizeing and boosting visters video site

    I have a site where I post videos scraped from youtube and Dailymotion. I need to place ads in the site but I am afraid that Google will block my Adsense account as the content I post is taken from youtube, and the niche the website is in has low competition (according to me and some free tools)...
  5. J

    SEO and SMM

    hi guys, I need your comments on which you would prefer, when it comes to Organic SEO and Social media marketing.
  6. L

    Hey Guys

    Hey everyone, I'm not too sure on what all I should say here introducing myself. I joined here from the advice on someone trying to help me get my SEO business off the ground. I guess I'm pretty much here (on this forum) for marketing. My goals would be to help people with their SEO needs as I...
  7. Sra1

    youtube traffic

    how to improve my youtube gaming channel ? please suggest me the best tips to improve my seo.
  8. O

    SEO Web Audit 2018 (FREE)

    Drop a link to your website to get a SEO Web Audit for FREE. We are SEO experts looking to educate business owners on the benefits of organic traffic.
  9. F

    SEO / Duplicate a high ranking competitor's website & spin content

    I've found a competitor's website who is ranking high in the mortgage niche locally. I'd like to duplicate their website, spin the content, and use in different locations. There are tons of pages with tons of links -- it's truly impressive what they've done. Is it possible to duplicate their...
  10. artur core

    New YT Channel, About What Should I Mind?

    Hey together, i m planning to launch a country specific YT Channel and doing a Checklist. Whats your "nobody knows it but it helps" thing you would tell your friends with a new youtube acccount? For example: Fill Meta-Tags + Filename of the Video Captions High Retention Views Thank you for...
  11. Mr.TT_B

    Service for cheap and hq YT-Livestream views?

    Hi, does anyone knows a platform that offers cheap and hq YT-Livestream views? Thanks
  12. hankddog

    White Hat YouTuber's To Follow

    From listening to podcasts and reading blogs. Another tool I found helpful in learning stuff is YouTube. For me its Brain Dean and Neil Patel. I watch Moz sometimes but the whiteboard talks kind of lose me. Who are some of the 'SEO Guru's' you follow on YouTube?
  13. srj18

    How to use videos at it best to improve my website ranking

    Could anyone help me to get traffic on my website through video submission on various websites? Which websites are the best to get links after relevant video submission?
  14. atlien_019

    Nice to meet everyone. Happy to be a part of this great community. :)

    Hello All, I'm glad to be able to introduce myself. My Internet Marketing journey started a few years ago. I began as an independent songwriter and musical artist and set out to find information to help my songs stand out, increase their visibility and showcase my versatility. I've since then...
  15. Conlino

    How to rank ANY YouTube video

    Hey guys! I've been seeing quite a bit recently about YouTube ****ing all publishers whose name does not include Paul or Vlogs... (Kidding) .. kind of.. Anyways, I see that many people are having trouble ranking their YouTube videos. Well, without even leaving BHW, you can find all the...
  16. Raunakdope

    Blackhat and quick tips to rank on youtube?

    Heyy IM I am a new member in this community and was wondering why didnt I join it earlier cause I am learning so many awesome things over here. Now coming back to the topic. I have created a YouTube channel to promote CPA offers. The videos are nice, like not great, they are just nice. Can...
  17. sinclair

    Why Youtube does not show videos in G web search?

    I am not sure, what happens, but all people are telling that vids are easy to rank! That is not the fact. Even KWs in the low to mid competition field (Longtailpro) don`t show any videos. In this case, you see under the brand kw (5400/month;SC 25; 279.000 results) in G web search: 1. Brand 2...
  18. M

    It's better to rank videos on Youtube or Google?!!!

    Hello guys, I'm making videos to promote Clickbank products, so if you were me, you would promote the videos on Youtube or Google? which one is better for conversions?! .. I appreciate if there is anyone has previous experience about that. Thanks in advance!