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  1. jeronimon


    SEMRUSH 7$ (with discount 6$) ✅ Account is a 14 DAYS SEMRUSH GURU plan. ✅ The account is delivered as Email and Password. (This is a Personal Account, you can change the password) ✅ You can login from the original website. ✅There have been no problems with accounts so far. ✅...
  2. josee_extraordinary

    What’s the most innovative Black Hat SEO tool you’ve come across recently?

    Let's start a conversation here and educate me a bit. I'm sure with the number of members here in BHW, there will be a few who can enlighten me or give me some of the most innovative Black Hat SEO tools there is. Looking forward to your answers and insights.
  3. svcd199x

    Questions about forum posting software and GSA, Rankerx

    Hello BHWer I have software for mass posting to forums. Along with the following features: Supports VBB, phpBB, IPB, XenForo, Discuz, MyBB, ... Post news, upload news automatically Supports inserting images, links, videos Spin text. Solve captchas >>So is it different from GSA ser or rankerX...
  4. AutoSEO

    What are the pros and cons of the big 3 SEO tools?

    If you have extensive experience with the three primary SEO tools (semrush, ahrefs, moz), what are their strengths and weaknesses, and in which scenarios do they fit best?
  5. digitalgangsta302

    Any cheap alternate of ahrefs?

    Ahrefs pricing scheme is peeling my skin, is there any cheap alternate tool that can do the job? Pricing is too much, no matter the report, they charge a credit. So unfair. Help me out, I want to study competitors' websites for backlinks and content. Any suggestions?
  6. jeanfrank

    [Need Help] Is there a tool that can know the backlink traffic from the competitor?

    Hi guys, One, I know that Ahrefs can know the traffic of the specific page, right? Two, I wanted to know if there is a tool that can know the backlink traffic from the competitor. For example, our competitor got a backlink from the I wanted to know how much traffic for that...
  7. SeasonedCode

    Question about ""

    Hello BHW I want to know is a reliable website I want to buy a Plan Does someone have previous experience with ?? Thanks, guys
  8. HenryObi

    Ahrefs Just Announced A Free Website Checker Tool That Lets You Do More

    They just announced on Twitter a new tool that is free and gives you access to do the following; Use it to view: - Any website's organic monthly traffic, value + history for the past six months - Traffic share by country - Your top 5 keywords in your top country - Your top 5 pages by...
  9. Kasigazi

    The power of shopify store parasites

    How is he planting parasites of shopify shops
  10. Divisoria

    Websites you won't believe exist part 3

    Hi BHW communities, It's me again Divisoria, websites that you won't believe exist part 3 Ps: I'm not affiliated or any promotion with these sites in any way. = Get paid to share your images. = A smart tool that resizes any video dynamically. =...
  11. megaMind007

    What are the best keyword and Backlink Rank Tracker Tools 2022

    What are the best keyword Rank Tracker and Backlink Monitor Tools in 2022 for a client project, would be appreciated if you suggest which one you use with honest reviews of the best Tools value for money.
  12. O

    Content marketing tool for posting on selected websites everyday automatically

    Looking for a Content marketing tool that can post to 50-100 sites daily fresh news content. I would setup automation profiles for login/posting to be able to post on the daily without having to repeat the tedious tasks via a browser Let me know if you guys have any ideas. thanks
  13. SEO Ghunda

    Why are SEO tools so expensive?

    SEO companies need to invest in their SEO tools to stay competitive. One company that is a great example of this is Ahrefs. They have one of the fastest and most accurate crawlers on the market, and they spend years developing it. When they launch a new feature, they also need to make sure that...
  14. z00rf

    Seeking Developer For SEO Tool

    We have an SEO tool that's pretty popular and we're struggling to find developers who can solve these problems... 1. Traffic estimations. We have thousands and thousands of websites in our database, many of who connect google analytics, but we've struggle to create a formula to estimate traffic...
  15. Chdead

    What would you like in a NEW simple SEO plugin that works with most websites?

    Hello guys I'm creating an SEO app (not mobile app) like Yoast but I want it to be beginners friendly and focuses on the most important features rather than the hundreds other apps provide without actual results. Which features would you like in a simple SEO app that will help you optimize your...
  16. Zahid009

    How do you use effective SEO tools?

    By using effective SEO tools, it's possible to ensure that web pages are optimized in such a way as to improve their ranking by search engines. Tools like Yoast are often recommended for WordPress because it allows users to input details about keywords and links within five minutes, which helps...
  17. bitrexF

    Best SEO tool today?

    I will not into much but in last years using AccuRanker I improve my SEO skills as digital marketer maybe 15 levels from total 20. Which tool do the same job for you?
  18. Leslie0Davis

    Need Spy Tool Which One Best For Social Media ?

    Need Spy Tool for Social Media
  19. Yupwork


    Hi Can you recommend a website that provide SEO TOOLS PACK with high quality service I mean when you contact them they answer you Edit : what I mean by saying SEO TOOLS PACK there is some websites who provide a lot of seo tools graphic tools in one pack with cheap prices
  20. jeanfrank

    Bought the ahrefs service from proseotools, but I didn't receive any response

    Hi, guys Today I bought the ahrefs account for one month from proseotools. CUZ, I saw some people from BHW say this website is okay. But they didn't respond to me now. Is the website scam? I really appreciate any help you can provide.
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