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  1. G

    In my experience, these are some of the KEY SEO steps to getting on the first page of Google!

    Hello Black Hat World, I am new here, but not to building websites. I am very happy I found this corner of the web - I feel I could be a home here. I built my first site at 10 yrs old (1999), and I build sites and help with SEO for myself and others. Here are a few of the best SEO tips I give...
  2. Sam1s

    I want to rank my website homepage on a keyword

    I want to rank my website's homepage on a keyword. I've done research already on it. High search volume and difficulty is very low. How can i use it on my homepage. and please share some golden tips.
  3. korosho

    Using RankerX worth it for classic crypto website ?

    Let's say I'm owning but a brand new version, only a few articles but not so much. Should i set up RankerX and start building blackhat link? If yes,, what would be your recommendation? I'm new with that, but it looks very effective... Coupled with whitehat SEO. I would appreciate...
  4. korosho

    Medium or Wordpress blog ?

    Hello everyone, and thanks for the one who will nanswer me Here my "problem", i'm looking to have a blog, make article for a cryptocurrency, so creating content and much more. My only question is should i use Medium, will google index my post ? Let's say i redirect my medium : to...
  5. dmister

    Types of Backlinks Simplified

    Types of Backlinks Simplified: 1. Niche Edits, Guest posts, HARO links, PBN, or any other type of contextual link that comes from outreach or building linkable content that site owners will link to. 2. Everything else. Examples: Citations, blog comments, video links, directories, social...
  6. dmister

    Share a Seo Tip [Only Pro Tips]

    My tip: Always look how the top-ranking websites are doing it. What about your tip?
  7. H

    Importance of topical authority in SEO (For higher ranking)

    Do you want niche domination? A topical authority is an important factor for that! What does topical authority mean? When you cover all the important topics that are popular/demanded in your niche. Example: Imagine you have a website about pet care ️ What do you need to do? 1) Do keyword...
  8. TheMarquis

    400 Unsolicited #SEO Tips

    I discovered this LinkedIn Pulse (long) article. As it is mentioned in the tile, you will find 400 Unsolicited #SEO Tips. I hope it will help somehow each of you.
  9. godknowseverything

    [SEO TIP] How I ranked #1 for a keyword that was stuck at #5 for a year

    ( Above are Buyer intent keywords like "best xxx") I created this Amazon affiliate site back in 2017 on a fresh domain. Keywords were pretty easy when I started, but I didn't focus on it apart from adding content. In August 2018, I built 20-25 PBNs using brand and naked anchors. I saw...
  10. Yanka

    New member

    Hi everyone, I'm new here looking forward to learn SEO tips and how to make money online
  11. Satyendra Singh

    Google Dance

    When I publish any post on my blog is ranked on the first page and after some days IT slipped on 2nd or 3rd page. How can I resolve this issue?
  12. abhishek11497

    Which is your most successful SEO strategy?

    Hey guys! Hope you are doing well . It’s a great start of 2018 & we are all set with major SEO goals to achieve this year. Before we begin with a list of strategies to try out this year, lets share our experiences about SEO experiments which got successful.
  13. LinkBuildingServices

    Voice Search Optimization 2018

    Hey there! HOW do you optimize your website for voice search that is said to be all the rage in 2018?
  14. ugjunk

    5 Ways to Quickly Improve your Rankings in 2017

    Tired of low rankings? I know you are! These 5 insanely awesome, but overlooked tips if applied by anyone can help to improve the rankings instantly. 1) Fix your broken links Will you like a website that’s linking to other sites (or internal sites) that has broken links? One of the biggest...
  15. SearchEngineWays

    3 Unique Ways to Boost Your SEO

    Have you ever tried experimenting with different and unique ways to boost the SEO for your business? We don't often see the word experimentation with the letters, S.E.O. However, what does it hurt to experiment a little with it to see what works and what doesn't work when it comes to boosting...
  16. IndiBoy

    How Do I Get Views on My Youtube Videos?

    Hi everyone, After being on BHW for quite sometime, finally I am ready to take my first step in IM. Whatever I have learnt in IM, is all due to BHW community. Thank you for entertaining my pestering questions all this while. I am trying to explore a niche on youtube. I have the content ready...
  17. S

    Unavailable site link

    Hello friends, i want to know if any site URL is temporary is hacked or not available than we can do SEO process on the site URL.
  18. Jure321

    Will downloading images from Google affect my SEO?

    Hi everyone. If i am writing a post about let's say volvo trucks and i just download random image from google and use them in my article, will that affect my SEO? If it will, how can i avoid it? Thank you.
  19. NProductions

    I have a blogspot blog which is is it good to build links here ? of my other sites ? DING DONG SEO Experts ))
  20. farluhan

    Weird SEO: Tip 1

    So, i am starting a series of Weird SEO tips. Many of you might already know about these small actionable tips so if you do, this post is not for you. Please scroll down and i am sorry that you had to waste a click. Tip 1 is called Scholarship SEO. What you do under this strategy is that you...
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