seo learning

  1. AmeliaLily

    I want to Learn SEO .Where is the best teacher or course vedio can you suggest?

    Hi I want to learn Seo Professionally for build my career in online platform.I already follow some free tutorial but i want to know deeply a to z on search Engine Optimization. Udemy course is better or other have any to get full course ?
  2. zerolimit

    my kw got beaten by new website with no backlink

    for SEO guru here, maybe you can help me a little bit, as I'm quite confused. There are 2 sites : site A and site B. site A (rank 1) kw mention 26 long tail kw got mention 1 another long tail kw got mention 10 page speed : 6.3s DA : 1 PA : 5 TF : 0 CF : 0 created : 2019-05-23 site B (rank 13)...
  3. BoostChef

    Best course for deep learning Whitehat SEO?

    Hello everyone! I know basics of SEO but want to gain more knowledge in deep. Looking for course suggestions from where I can learn more about it. Is "SEO that works 3.0" any good? Anyone watched that course by Brian Dean? I have heard a lot about that course but still don't want to waste...
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