seo guru

  1. L33T


  2. crossline

    SEO guru that actually legit?

    im curious about seo guru that actually legit and really share amazing methods, so really appreciate if you want to share your suggestions here seo guru from youtube, facebook, twitter, forum, any source, please give your suggestions
  3. zerolimit

    my kw got beaten by new website with no backlink

    for SEO guru here, maybe you can help me a little bit, as I'm quite confused. There are 2 sites : site A and site B. site A (rank 1) kw mention 26 long tail kw got mention 1 another long tail kw got mention 10 page speed : 6.3s DA : 1 PA : 5 TF : 0 CF : 0 created : 2019-05-23 site B (rank 13)...
  4. vedeus

    Need SEO expert who will create a SEO Plan

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone experienced in the SEO, who can help me to create an executable SEO plan based on competition and keywords I'm aiming for. More details in the PM. One time payment. Thanks
  5. MountainGuy

    [AMA] Ask me anything about being new to IM with limited knowledge :)

    I keep seeing AMA's that seem to be titled wrong so I thought I would make sure and label mine correctly :) For any SEO gurus out there that forgot what is was like to have the knowledge and skills of a small child feel free to reach out. This is just a post to save me from refreshing google...
  6. grexy

    Startup looking for a SEO MOTHERFUCKER

    Dear community, after 2 years of literally 7 days a week of working, pitching, networking I got my startup funded :) (just a small amount, but still okay) and will be releasing our web-based marketplace product in October. A large part of user acquisition should be via organic SEO. We basically...
  7. NProductions

    I have a blogspot blog which is is it good to build links here ? of my other sites ? DING DONG SEO Experts ))
  8. E

    I need a GURU to help provide ADVICE and REPORTS on my sites that have dropped

    I am after a seo guru that understands all the latest google updates and can give my full insights from their experience using both reports and personalized chats over skype to help me get the sites on page 1 again. I can generate my own reports but I really want an SEO GURU to help me...
  9. S

    Need a professional SEO guy for my work

    Hello, I have good high money paying clients and they all want goog SEO I am doing SEO for them, white, black, grey , generic and all but need someone more who can handle load. pm me and start making ++ in your paypal :) Cheers Jam
  10. codeman1234

    Been a SEO Guru

    Hello, I would like to learn all SEO secrets to became a SEO Guru Consultant, so, for research I been doing it seems that the best info+tools are found in Seobook, SeoMoz and MajesticSEO and it seems that every single one of them is a paid service. So, my 3 questions are the following: 1)...
  11. S

    SEO & IM Super Affiliates Wanted - 50% Commission

    Here's the homepage: Here's the affiliates page: Here's the best place to contact me: Here's a sample of the sales copy: Please Click Here to Read On
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