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  1. crissdinesh

    Question about oldest language - Featured Snippets ERROR or Mistake in Google Search

    Hello BHW, I just searched for a question: What is the oldest language in the world? Ok. What is the oldest language in India? The Tamil language is from India and it is the oldest language in the world but in India, it is not the oldest. It's irony. How smart Google is!
  2. T

    How to compete in a market with a CPC of $132?

    How does one compete in a market like that? I can't even buy one click. So how will I be able to draw that traffic to me? I know there are grimy strategies I can utilize. What are they?
  3. M

    SEO for Automatically Generated Content

    Hi guys, I'd like to get your advice with regards to a project I'm currently working on. It's an SEO optimization of a blog network (50 to be exact), which contains automatically generated content of about 90-95%. Although some articles in the blogs are original and don't contain any...
  4. Sushant Pawar

    If I used WP translator plugin then..

    Hello there If I used WP translator plugin then on my blog then will my blog list for that keywords? For eg. My blog is about "fitness" then will it list for "fitness in Spanish" Or I have to translate whole blog post manually and repost it?
  5. Cashback

    Unbelievable Is in it !!!

    All ways tracking Google Changes and this makes me "SEO Expert" more than 12 years. Believe or not .Read this article.!topic/webmasters/X8m8PQfQwqI/discussion I get hunch that Google is only after services which are provided just here and only our...
  6. F

    Ranking in google images?

    Could anyone point me in the right direction how to rank image in ggoogle images?