seo friendly content writing tips

  1. RichKIDLK

    Dear Content Experts, I need your valuable answer for this one..

    I need to create a content/ article about software /internet marketing tool ex: About ahref tool Let's say I need about 1000 words+ Is there any good pattern to write these type of articles? What I mean is flow of the article. Can you give me little examples/sketch of how this article flow...
  2. vineet18

    How do you decide which FAQ questions to add in a blog post?

    When writing a blog, how do you decide which FAQ questions you should be adding to the blog that will/can help in creating a better context for that Topic(Primary Keyword we are targeting in the article), and can/may help in ranking the blog on main+few other keywords.
  3. seoexpress

    A total Guide To Writing A Popular Blog Or WebPost

    It is futile to apply all the SEO techniques without having a good content. Here we are going to talk about how you can write a popular blog post. A good post is going to earn you hundreds of shares even before you apply all the onsite SEO techniques on your blog. Understandable Content Most...
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