seo cannibalization

  1. pedroteixera07

    How to use hreflang tags in sites that serve unique content for countries using the same language?

    Hi guys, hreflangs are an oldie but I'm struggling to find my answers since most info/advice assumes that sites have alternate content/URLs available on a different country/language to map. I have a site that serves the UK and other EU countries/languages using subfolders: domain/XX/YY/ and...
  2. SEOdev2017

    SEO Cannibalization Problem: Daily News vs. Cornerstones

    Hello, I have a very specific issue I am dealing with and was hoping others on BHW might have dealt with something similar. I cannot find anything that addresses this specifically on BHW or on other forums, so reaching out for your help (thanks in advance). Problem: We produce daily news...
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