1. speedie

    Looking for someone to setup unlimited email sending

    Hey guys, Please I need a professional who can make a server that is able to send unlimited emails per day. We have millions of emails addresses/optins. Just the complete sending system I need to complete asap. Pm me on Skype: money3xpower
  2. nuxli

    SendBlaster alternative?

    I have stumbled upon a "MailStyler Creator Pro" searching through russian torrent websites.. I've also found sendblaster 4 with keygen. bout to give it a try and if it works and VT clears it, I'm sharing with you. Also anybody have any experience with "MailStyler Creator Pro" ?
  3. speedie

    Anyone Using TURBOSMTP to Hit Inboxes?

    Esteemed BHW, Can anyone please share their experience about using the TURBOSMTP with SendBlaster. I am currently using the free plan and would like to know whether you have get your message to the inbox of your recipients with the shared ip. I have only 8k list and looking to upgrade to the...
  4. Danny Crypto

    Email marketing : Which bot to use ?

    Let me know should I use : - SendBlaster ? Or any other options we are having please let me know both the options free and paid as well.
  5. digital BD

    What is the best SMTP for bulk mailing?

    Hello dear senior members and professionals. Have a good day. I use Sendblaster for mailing to my email lists. Presently I am facing some issues likely most of my mails are going to junk or smap & skipping inbox. Can anyone have experience with it? Or, anybody can suggest me a good SMTP...
  6. DarkHorse17

    Do outgoing emails using SMTP uses my IP ?

    I'm using SMTP with sendblaster to send emails. I'm little new to SMTP like stuffs, so my question is: Are the outgoing emails are send from my ip? If so, I think my ip will be blacklisted on mass mailing. If anyone who have experience with SMTP can answer this? Thanks in advance :)
  7. Q

    Help with Bulk Mailing Required

    I have a server and send regular newsletters to my subscribers using Sendblaster. I need help with the adding of new domains /loops and configuration of the server and email servers so I can continue getting a high rate of delivery to Inbox. Need assistance to ensure no problems with IPs etc...
  8. A

    How to start in Email Spam??

    I'm now in the middle of collecting my targeted email list (semi manual, so it is highly targeted), I collect them from Google if any one is curious. Yesterday, I downloaded SendBlaster2 to give it a try with a small list of about 350 emails. I was depressed, only about 160 emails was sent (keep...
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