send email

  1. JohnKowalski

    How to Send Email to a Phone Number - does it still work?

    Hey, Does this method still work in 2021, especially in bulk ??? I've tried sending to t-mobile ( and no sms received. Thanks in advance for your output
  2. arthuditu

    Server for sending email

    Hi I'm looking for a man who will teach me what server to buy and a program to send email. How to warm up such a server / email. I'd like to send 15,000-20,000 emails a day so that it doesn't end up in spam. The % of openness of sent messages was at the level of 15-30%. So that they don't add...
  3. kommaihag

    Send emails (bot or service)

    I need some help to send emails. I have gotten the emails directly from the people. I have maybe 400 emails. And I need to send maybe 1 email/month to everyone on my list. I want to hit inbox. Not promotions or spam. Sending manually is good but takes to much time. Anyone can help me with this...
  4. digitalmarketingman

    [Need Advice] on mass emailing prospects

    Hello, I'm rizal. Please help me, I'm on my way to get started making money in IM. My problem now is sending mass email to the prospects. Because I had 500+ email list of prospect and recently I use email service like getresponse, sendblaster but got 0 open rates.
  5. hanhcom

    ask for send mass email solution?

    I have a list of 10k emails and counting. i tried to send mass email to the list aboutt my products and services but got mark spammed by google. is there any cheap but good solution for sending 10k emails/day. couple times a week?? thank you.
  6. O

    suggestions on best working bulk email sending

    just a newbie, i have over 7mil u.s email address, how can I bulk send them mails easily without having to battle with Smpt stuff, that wore me out when I was trying crack version of atomic email sender which later stop working after selecting their in built smpt. please a brother needs help...
  7. allarcade

    Email Delivery Required - Ongoing Gig For Right Mailers

    Looking for experienced mailers who are ready to test ASAP. I've got caps left to drop a lot more mail daily to our offers. If you're an experienced mailer who can mail offers daily, manage supression/unsubs/fbl/bounces/etc. shoot me a PM w/ your rate for a 3 offer 100k total test...
  8. krajacic

    How to send 1000 e-mails???free

    Hi! I need to send over 1000 e-mail i can send this? FREE because i dont have money on internet Or if somebody will be so nice and send for me if have paid autoresponder
  9. A

    Looking to send 3k-5k emails per day

    Im looking for someone who can help me send around 3-5k emails everyday. I will provide the emails everyday, alongwith the message. Its to promote my own website, not any affiliate etc If interested, let me know your email alongwith what you would charge. Im fine if you want to do an affiliate...
  10. Anubis1980

    [GET] Wordpress Send Single Posts via HTML E-mail to subscribers

    This tool is doing a good job for me. Its not just a post sender like other! Its far more. you may want to cherry pick just certain posts to go out via HTML email, and you may want the ability to ?send now.? name: Submission date...
  11. Exxtra

    Can-Spam Bulk Emailing - Private ESP for up to 400K/day

    BHW Exclusive I'm going to try to keep this as clear-cut as possible. My company provides private ESP (email service provider) services to clients who mail to CAN-SPAM compliant lists. The max daily sending volume is up to 400K (after you have established rep with us). We typically start off...
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