1. Big Ron

    Local Divi Seminars - How To

    Hello everyone, I’ve gotten pretty decent at using Divi and can build a great website in WordPress. I was thinking about holding a seminar in my local town to teach people. My little town has about 70,000 people. How would you do this? I’m thinking about a Facebook or craigslist ad. Would I...
  2. hazzi

    My first experience with a seminar

    This took place in my collge and all I have to say that I am really happy that I went to it because I was going to just go home. Anyways the guys name was Vincent and that’s all he stated and he was an entrepreneur. He started talking about how college and university is a great experience...
  3. M

    Audio Upload

    Hi guys, i do seminars am looking for best place to upload my seminar audios for free or at premium. Any suggestions?
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