selling articles

  1. Ebissus

    Facebook ads, or coldDM, to contact more people.

    That is the question, someone has experience in facebookADS, my target are women between 30-55 years, I have several groups and profiles on facebook, but I think it would be somewhat forced to try DM, I am selling crochet patterns, I did relatively well about 300usd, last month, I saw that many...
  2. LandscapePhotographer

    Affiliate marketing for Art

    I have a few questions about Affiliate marketing Firstly, Is anybody able to point me in the right direction to find affiliate marketers to sell art? I sell Photography prints through my website ranging from £250 to £1000 and have set up an affiliate section of my website paying 25%. So...
  3. X

    how to sell articles?

    Hi guys, I have some spare time and will be writing loads of articles for my blog. Also I wanted to know is there a place where I can sell articles ? not trying to get spoon-fed but I tried some sites before with no success.
  4. U

    I need a mentor. Want to start selling on eBay and Amazon. 20+ 100% positive eBay account.

    Hello everybody, I'd like to start working on Ebay & Amazon. Have no money to buy goods and to stock em. What would you recommend for a newbe like me? For sure I don't want to ship anything. I'm determined to work hard and to learn fast. Greetings
  5. M

    What to do with premium articles?

    Just trying to come up with ideas of what to do with really premium, 100% unique Copyscape-passed content. I don't want to use it myself because the keyword is too competitive. It's just one article, anyway. Selling it on a forum would yield maybe $5 ... Fiverr and Yahoo! Voices would each...
  6. B

    [HELP]Finding Clients To Buy My Articles

    Hey Guys, I've been recently trying to get into article marketing but I am struggling. The one problem I am having is sourcing clients that will buy my articles. So far I've posted a couple threads in internet marketing forums about 4 days ago and still no response. I am pretty sure that...
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