sell websites

  1. F

    Could i sell this adult website?

    I have an adult website, i earn via plugrush + juicyads + crackrevenue 20-40$ a month. I get around 700-900 visitors from google a day.(over 60% from US) (whole traffic:1,395visitors 10,710 visits a day) I don't want to renew domain + hosting, because i don't have any license for using the...
  2. FormerBoxer

    Clicky or G Analytics

    Can you sell websites with clicky as the tracker instead of what most people do having analytics? Thanks
  3. R

    Helpful flipping guide !!

    This is a helpful flipping guide that i got from FIVERR !! Hope it helps anyone here ..
  4. PartyNeon

    I want to buy established blogs for SEO

    What do you guys think of buying established blogs for an internal SEO network? Thousands of blogs are established, strictly for SEO purposes. Niche markets, easy keywords, etc... The blog owners write a few pages of unique content, do some XR/SB blasts, and sell backlinks. I just want to...
  5. J

    Website/Domain Portfolio on Sale

    Hi, We are in the process of selling all our domain names/websites. Pl. check: (Download Excel file) And get back to us case you are interested. Thanks a lot.
  6. P

    I'll Buy Your Useless Sites!

    If you have any sites that you no longer need then PM me as I may buy them from you. The sites need to be ranked in Google and be at least 1 year old. PR1 minimum...
  7. meathead1234

    Let me sell your website for a premium

    Hi, As most of you will know, myself and Bryanon run a very successful course for those who want to get into website flipping. Probably the most common question we're asked is: "Can you sell my site for me?" Well, now we can :) We've already successfully sold sites for a number of...
  8. S

    How to value website

    I have three months old dating website, dating script was heavily customized ( I have full rights) and providing free signups. i spent some money on advertising and i have un expected traffic results now, which really surprising; i had 13 unique visits on first month, then its growing up like...
  9. J

    Is this good idea? Possible method?

    Last week i find out about WordPress Uniquefier and i was thinking that this is great way to avoid duplicate content penatlies, but then i found out that this plugin is not that good because you can't rang high in search engines. I was thinking if you are able to have content that you are copied...
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