self help

  1. K

    Learn From Failure

    Successful People Learn From Failure One of the good things about successful people is the way they see and use failure. Yes ‘use,’ that’s right, failure could be used. Every situation and circumstance, whether good or bad, can be used to our advantage. Successful people utilize this...
  2. K

    My Thoughts On How To Develop Self-Discipline

    Practice Self-discipline "All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose". John W. Gardner. Okay, some people think self-discipline is extremely difficult and meant for the super-rich. But honestly, everyone has self-discipline at a point in time. Like when you decided to go to...
  3. K

    2 Under-estimated Qualities You'll Need To Create Your Own Opportunity

    Not to start the oblivious but; "Fortune favours the man who takes Bold and Optimistic steps." Our world is full of opportunities, and your ability to see and use them determines how you profit from life. Sometimes, opportunities come our way but we don’t see them because of our worries...
  4. K

    One Major Cause Of Frustration And Giving Up On goals/career/work

    Working Without A Plan I'll tell you two sure ways to fail: one, work without a plan. Two, plan without working. A plan shows you what actions you need to take step by step to realize your goal. In that case, working without a plan would mean shooting into the forest without aiming at your...
  5. K

    1 Habit That Decreases Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

    As an entrepreneur, time is one of the most valuable assets you have. It is also the most limited resource. So to maximize your productivity you need to have good time management in place, which also involves giving up on certain habits like multi-tasking. It may seem like multi-tasking is...
  6. ApexTemple

    Hack your Life in less than a minute

    There’s a famous anecdote about a man and his boiler that says a lot about where we’re at these days regarding self help. The man’s boiler is broken and he spends weeks trying to fix it. Finally he gives in and calls the engineer, who comes the next day, taps it on the side and presto — it...
  7. M

    [FREE] Coupon to Premium Skillshare Course - Amazing Confidence Hacks

    - Do you feel uncomfortable selling? - Do you feel unsecure making public presentations? - Do you feel paralyzed when you try to record an audio or video? - Do you belong to a family or social group that other people are prejudiced towards? - Do you feel unsecure of revealing your sexual...
  8. W

    Thoughts Become Things

    We are where we are, because of our thoughts in the past. Thoughts become things. We consciously or subconsciously always think about something. The problem is that we usually think more about things we don?t want, than about the things we want. It doesn?t matter if we want or don?t want...
  9. L

    Personal Development for Internet Marketers

    Hey all, I?m starting a website about personal development for internet marketers and I wanted to hear your views. I want to know what you guys want to learn. What do you need help with? What are your concerns? Do you want to hear about dealing with stress in your entrepreneurial lifestyle...
  10. goingreen

    I hate reading, but this is life changing book...

    I absolutely hate reading. I did in school and for the most part I hate I now but this book is absolutely worth picking up. Next to the Bible this is probably the most important thing youll ever want to read. Its about self motivation and how to do it. It talks about the story of Abe Lincoln...
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