script developer

  1. dillywilly

    WTH Gologin Script developer for ad deployment pipeline

    Hello i need a script developer for GOLOGIN browser that can help me develop a script that will automatically deploy a new ad once the old one gets flagged im thinking of having about 100 profiles running with about 10 sets of them ( total of 1000 profiles / accounts ) and once one of them gets...
  2. dillywilly

    simple script for tracking my ads that are alive and when they get flagged

    Hello i need a simple script built with simple UI where i add the live ad Https link of my ad and it tracks how many days its been alive/ when flagged / and also calculates average days all ads been alive for. this script is for manual link input and then the script starts tracking once link...
  3. dillywilly

    car rental website without an api question

    Hello im interested in building a car rental pricing website but the website that i want to pull data from dont have an api. Is it possible to get a script built and have the script pull the necessary data/info and mirror to my website via script and display the results? and how stable is this...
  4. S

    Managing 10,000 Email Accounts

    I have purchased Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail PVA accounts the list size is almost 10K My use case is: I need to manage these 10,000 email accounts daily, It's an email seed list - as soon as emails are sent to this seed list. The following action needs to be done: email should be moved...
  5. bape_

    Modder/Exploiter For Online Multiplayer Games Wanted

    if you know how to exploit online multiplayer games I am looking for a undetectable trainer for a game called: Mabinogi If you know how to make mods, scripts that inject into online games, that are also undetectable, let me know cuz i wanna hire you i want to cheat in this online game but i...
  6. W

    base64 redirection script

    I need a base64 redirection script which actually changes for every recipient it delivers to For example: you send it subscribers through supermailer every client that receives it gets a different link which redirects to the main link you want them to visit.
  7. N

    [Help] Auto Link Clicking in Gmail Account

    Hello, I have hired a freelancer to create a script that goes into my gmail account, switches to gmail HTML (minimal), finds a specific email, opens it, and then clicks a confirmation link. However it gets to the opening of the email and then crashes. It wont click the confirmation link and we...
  8. anshulmathur

    [REQ.] Need Calculator Scripts To Embed In Sites

    I am looking for PHP or scripts to show calculators on my WordPress website. Found some good calculator websites out there but don't know how to embed to show these calculators on my website. Need something which shows result without pressing enter or clicking on the submit button. Like in...
  9. Sandie2018

    I need a simple translation tool

    Hi, I need a translation tool for my personal use only. It should work like this: - The script will be on my private website for me to use after I log in. - I should be able to select the source language and the target language (I will work with two languages only); - I will upload a source...
  10. Polar_sourcecode

    [INTRODUCTION] - I will code you free tools!

    Hello guys i have been member now for some days in this forum, and i get myself very motivated with your success stories and community smart thinking outside the box. I am like you, but i dont know where to start because i am developer. I make money freelancing but not as i know i can done. I...
  11. ikecy christian

    MMM script

    Do you by any chance have an MMM script or know anyone that does? Please help is needed urgently, Or any MMM script available for free, Please help.
  12. Rabiul Biplob

    How to detect unique device identifier without ip and remote add?

    I need help if someone help me, please. **How to detect unique device identifier without IP and remote add?** Window-Linux-OS-MAC OS-Android I used code but got only Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.3 this type data...
  13. The Curator

    How to Create a Query Generator on My Website

    Had a couple of questions; What does it cost to do something like this? What script would something like this be created in? Appreciate any insight!
  14. GreenGardenGuy

    Can you do JSON? I need a script.

    Basically I would like to access the API at and just get updated prices and stock quantities and save them to a database. I do HTML and a little Javascript, I should have no trouble using the data after it is in the database. Oh, if it makes any difference, I'm dropshipping. I just...
  15. Y

    Need a person who know : JAVASCRIPT, PHP, HTML

    Need a person who can creeate a script to post ads on a website. I pay for this script ! Contact me here : 654907223 ( ICQ )
  16. Capixaba Master

    Facebook ID's

    Hi, I need help with friends forum. I am looking sript or software for "Convert FB user ID to FB username & compound it in FB formated email" I can get targeted user ID in facebook. I scraper with the chrome extension facebook id's. Facebook format email ends with and the...
  17. A

    Looking for someone good with modifying Arcade Script

    I have a website made with AV arcade script and would like it to be edited so it is more unique
  18. Cratos

    Need a Script Writer

    I am looking for a script writer. I need professional scripts to be written for videos. If you have experience in this area please send me a pm with pricing. Thanks.
  19. P

    need a software or script to add like to any fanpage..

    Hey All, I need someone to sell/develop me a software/script to to add like to any fanpage.. I prefer the one that: -can provide real human like (no bot please.. i have a very bad exp. selling bot likes) :p -world wide likes will be fine but if you can develop me a database of Malaysian...
  20. S

    Looking for a coder/scripter

    Hello BlackHatters, Okey so i'm looking for a coder/scripter - who is willing to create a, how should I call it, Download/Leech script something like that. i.e. something like this: if you insert a valid turbobit download url - the script will fetch the file for you and create a...
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