1. S

    Make money sending SMS from 2FA - Professional scrappers required!

    Hi everyone, We are looking for professionals who can send several SMS per day using 2FA services or any other technique to our numbers. There's multiple services you can use to send SMS to our numbers, such as: Amazon Apple Google Tinder Netflix Telegram Instagram Facebook Steam Paxful...
  2. J

    seeking a youtube scrapper

    Hi all Let me know if any one or tool can help Need to scrape videos from a few channels basically need the link of the video, title and the date of publication thanks in advance
  3. Mutexxx

    Scrapware | ❤️ Instagram Scraper Service ❤️ | No proxies, scrapper accounts needed

    F.A.Q - How can I get free trial? You can ask me and I will provide you invitation link with 10$ bonus balance. - Which payment methods you accept? At this moment we accepting BTC only. Contact us if you have any questions or proposes. - What I need to install? No installations required as it...
  4. B

    [Q] Any good Youtube Comment Scrapper?

    Hi BHW I looking for youtube comment scrapper online. Where i can copy the link of the video and extract/retrive all comments of that specific youtube video. Any recommendation/suggestion plz Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. weirdo23

    How to scrap a video link from

    Hey everyone,does anyone knows how can i get a movie link so i can upload it to my account ?
  6. chikri

    Gumtree Scrapper

    Is there any good working programs that can scrape me numbers on gumtree
  7. S

    E-Mail Scrapping Pages

    I search some pages which are suitable for web scrapping.. Can somebody help me ?
  8. Richard Batsbak

    Instagram Scrapping Bot

    Hello, I´m looking for a coder or a person that already has the bot I´m looking for. So, I need a Instagram Scrapper Bot that is able to do the following things: Input: Usernames/UserID Output...
  9. hacckloadq

    Scrapping FB emails

    Any idea how tools like this works?
  10. fdantas3

    [GET] Instagram Email Scrapper !

    Hi friends, i search for Instagram Email scrapper, and i find this very cool video !!! This work fine for me !
  11. anup999

    How to download facebook fanpage photos?

    As said in title I want to download pictures from Facebook fanpage, i tried to find the Facebook scrapper but didn't find any good. The scrapper I got is either outdated or removed. Please post or suggest any if you know.
  12. H

    Automated movie script/finding links

    I know a lot of people have been posting over the years on how to do this. And it remains a mystery to a lot of people, but its not as far out and there hard to accomplish as you might imagine. I have been working recently on a fast multi-parallel link scraper from 10 sources at the moment...
  13. B

    Scraping iStock Image

    Looking for someone to mass scrape images from istockphotos? I have ~ 4k keywords that i need to get images for.
  14. M

    IG Scrapper Capable of Scraping Storyviews?

    Anyone heard of or is capable of creating a Instagram scrapper program capable of pulling a list of anyone that has ever viewed a story of a account or a specific story?
  15. outscrape

    Superfast, HEADLESS Visual Web Scraping Is Here With OUTSCRAPE -- Free Trial, Full License Only $97!

    Outscrape is my brand-new web scraper, designed with speed and functionality in mind. Outscrape lets you point-to-scrape with the same top-of-the-line technology that's inside insanely popular programs like Spotify, and completes the scraping process with super-fast headless scraping technology...
  16. outscrape

    MAKE MONEY WITH WEB SCRAPING (Even If You've Never Tried) - Web Scraping Secrets Exposed - 150 pages

    Coupon codes are entered in the "promo" code field on the checkout page. The payment processor, e-junkie, accepts payment from Paypal and credit cards. A link to your copy of the ebook is sent immediately upon payment. If you want to pay with bitcoin, PM me for the wallet address. You can...
  17. N

    How To Scrapping facebook emails?

    i want to mailist , how to scrapping email on facebook??
  18. M

    Scrapping Email Question.....

    Hello, Newbie here....I am looking for input on scrapping emails from websites. Can someone tell me what software is easiest, efficient, and most reliable for a newbie? Do I need a proxy? How can I get names of the emails I scrape? Where can I scrub the list and verify the emails? What...
  19. P

    image scrapper ?

    hi , any method of scrapping images from google? also from fb or ig accounts? Thanks
  20. deathx01

    Email Scrapper - Freebies

    I was in a good mood this morning , so there is an email scrapper I build. You just need to put your google search URL in the link.txt and the script will go through all the SERP results to see if he find emails . Requirement : Python 2.7 Enjoy BHW !!
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