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  1. neverlackin360

    Looking for an Instagram Email Scraper

    I'm trying to do some cold email marketing and looking to extract targeted emails from Instagram I'm looking for a cracked software/scraper that can get me a couple thousand emails would appreciate any tips/suggestions thank you & happy new years
  2. A

    How to get emails from a list of instagram profiles

    Hi everyone, I need to scrape the emails of some Instagram profiles(I have a big list) in bulk. I don't know how to that but I have seen many bots/scrapers. I'd like something free preferably. What do you suggest?
  3. K

    Akamai bot manager

    Hi. Is anyone experienced with akamai bot detection system? I'm wondering how it works, I've written the most basic puppeteer bot and it doesn't block me. I've seen their script and I should fail at each of their checks but somehow it works. The only thing I've encountered a few times was block...
  4. Mirkogiovannetti

    [Journey] Directory Website. 100$ monthly for each Website

    Well hello there guys! I'm here with my first Journey. I apologize in advance for my poor English OBJECTIVE Create one listing website for each targets in my country. Dentist Restaurant lawyers artisans accountants .... .... SITE DESIGN AND INFRASTRUCTURE I'll probably use...
  5. F

    any scraper to collect data from different sources and then map them for an individual

    Hi guys Basically i was scraping channel information for a niche, and since not many scraping tools work on youtube and e mail is very important (which is behind captcha) for me to contact them, so i was partially doing it automatically and email collection work manually so far, but i was...
  6. sdfdds

    Best Way To Give The Perfect Content A Viral Push?

    I have some bombshell content. Perfect story, perfect image perfect tagline. To give you an idea of the sort of content I have, one of the avenues I'm pursuing to spread it is submitting it to local news tip lines. And they are starting to report on it. Now that you understand how powerful...
  7. momowriter

    Wordpress Plugin or code to Prove You're Human Before Each Page Load?!

    hi guys, i'm having trouble with "scraper" bots that're scraping my whole site, whenever I update my site, they update their site, they just scraped all my content using bots, is there some kind of plugin or software to put on site to force the users to "prove they're human" before each page...
  8. William702

    [WTB] I need a custom commenting bot made.

    tl;dr = I need a simple bot made, PM me for more info if you want to make it :) To anyone that's interested. I'm looking for someone to create me a commenting bot. It should be pretty simple, but WTF do I know, I don't even have time to learn the basics. I want to be able to log in to my...
  9. R

    Discord scraper - on different servers

    I am looking for a discord scraper or bot that can read specific string from a discord channel? The string would be like this format symbol #0-0000@ and than be sent back to a specific username on that channel. And this needs to be added to discord servers where I am not the owner (is that even...
  10. F

    How can I extract every Facebook page that has shared a specific post from another Facebook page?

    Does a software currently exist to scrape information from facebook page posts? I specifically need to just extract all shares made by Facebook pages on behalf of a Facebook post, excluding personal profiles. This is so I can track the cause of the post going viral.
  11. LordDeanUk

    Social BOT / Scraper

    Ill try to enplane in detail what i need. Currently the company i work for hires 3 people in the Philippines to Keyword search Facebook Twitter and Google Map's for New Business's opening or that have just opened. We buy this data and it comes to us in this format Phone Number - Business Name...
  12. LordDeanUk


    I work for a company we need NEW Business Data as soon as it hits Facebook/Twitter BUSINESS NAME / ADDRESS / PHONE NUMBER (UK ONLY) I need a Keyword Scraper making that will pull the Business name, Phone number & address. Currently looking at Scrape Box & G map scrape Would pay what i have...
  13. tracksrail

    Local Leads Studio - Generate Unlimited Local Leads

    Local Leads Studio Generate UNLIMITED Local Leads by paying just once! Contact us at: [email protected] Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds so kindly read all the details and check the video and then buy it, if you have purchased and not able to use it, kindly send a...
  14. shadow5

    Instagram Scraping (without limits) hypeauditor Q

    How is hypeauditor able to scrape data without being limited? I don't get it. IG no longer has a public api and they're grabbing a ton of data to calculate ratios. Comments, Quality comments, likes, quality of likes, etc... Not only that, but they're generating reports in like 7min. I can't...

    Which is the best Article Re-writer and Scaper ?

    Hey mates, How are you ? Was thinking to start blogging, So can someone suggest a good rewriter that passes copy scape and a good scraper ?
  16. BlackhatseoLux

    Which Proxy are good for Amazon Scrape

    Which Proxy are good for Amazon Scrape Bot?? Anyone was tested some good one?
  17. O

    New IG Scraper?

    Need a scrapper, that can scrape followers, gender, whitelist , likes etc and scrape fast bonus if it can scrape age and stories
  18. O


    I am looking for either effective, existing email scrape tools for Telegram and/or Discord groups, or for a custom-build scrape bot for the same purpose.
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