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  1. B

    You should whitelist your IPV4 as we don't support IPV6 Scrapebox - please help!

    Hi, I used scrapebox before with a different proxy provider, storm proxies tells me to: You should whitelist your IPV4 as we don't support IPV6 Can anybody tell me what to do? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. SpivBlack U.S.A 4G/5G Mobile proxies with unlimited bandwidth and Random/Sticky Residential proxies starting at $14.99.

    Introduction: We will only have 1,000 members at any given time allowing for unbridled customer service. Don't know what type of IPs you need we got you covered. With your membership, you get both, Mobile and Residential proxies. That won't break the bank. We provide both Mobile and...
  3. N

    Need Help With Scrapebox - 90% of contact form posting is failing

    Hi all, I'm a newbie to scrapebox. I recently got the mac version and set up Decpatcha with "imagetyperz". I've also got one proxy that I bought. However, when I try to go after contact form links 90 98% are failing. I'm not sure why. I feel like Decaptcha isn't evening occurring since my...
  4. gpseo180

    New Here - looking for info on proxies and scrapebox

    Hi Group Grateful to be here. Looking for advice on how proxies work and how I can use them with scrapebox and other SEO tools. Seen a free proxy list but not sure how to use it ... A few queries: are these safe to use? any downfalls? would you rather recommend buying proxies? How many...
  5. C

    why scrapebox proxies connection not stable?

    Whenever I'm checking proxies connection i'm getting some good proxies, it's tested. if i'm testing again the proxies, it's showing some proxies filled, but previews it has showed pass. i don't why the scrapebox proxies is not stable. How can i slow this one ? If any one knows plz help me
  6. R

    scrapebox guide 2019

    Hi, I bought this program and I can not work with it Maybe there's an updated video guide for 2019? My goal is to build links using backlinks comments All the videos I watched online did not help me There are lots of errors and he does not do the job. Of the 3000 links there may be 6 links that...
  7. bhushan3339

    Looking for Scrapebox & GSA proxy

    Hello there , i am looking for scrapebox and gsa proxy at affordable price ! i have been exploring marketplace thread but also asking you guys to recommend me some affordable proxy dealer. ( Respected mods , i will request you to delete this thread once i am done with this ) Thank you.
  8. Manf Haider

    Scrape box - Which is the best RDP?

    Hi, I recently purchased Scrapebox and now want to buy a high-speed (USA Based) Dedicated RDP. Response from someone who've already used for the same purpose or any other knowledgable person will be highly appreciated.
  9. S

    ScrapeBox Detailed Harvester Settings 10 Proxies

    Hello, I'm just getting into using ScrapeBox as my new scraper and I'm a little confused on what to do for bing and yahoo (using the detailed scraper), because from what I was able to gather we should be able to get more out of those search engines then with google. Right now with 10...
  10. F

    Want to Know All About ScrapeBox

    Hello, Friends, I have watched a lot of video about Scrapebox and find its very useful. It is all in one SEO tools to me. I have few question about this software as bellow: If I use Scrapebox to find good websites and then create backlink manually, Should I need to use Proxy for every backlink...
  11. vutuan-vn

    Buy Proxies or buy Vps for Scrapebox.

    Please let me the best way to use scrapebox to build links . I bought Proxies but scrapebox work not good so i want to know that vps is better for scrapebox than the proxies . Thaks for readding and show me the best way to use scrapebox.
  12. megaMind007

    How can i get Scrapebox proxies

    Hi, I want to run 2-3 campaigns on scrapebox and need proxies for those campaigns, How can I get those Scrapebox proxies for Free any website or forum for the updated proxy that can help me, thanks in advance.
  13. WesF.

    What proxies from GSA proxy Scraper work in Scrapebox

    I am setting up proxy scraper in GSA and importing to a file that I will have Scrapebox automator pulling from along with Scrapebox harvested proxies. I want to use these with Bing for creating SER site lists that will export to the GSA PI. My questions is what proxies should I export for...
  14. Buzzika

    [TIP] Scrapebox + Google Banned Proxies + Google API

    Hello, I am sure a lot of people already know this. I did not. I usually don't scrape much, but recently I had to scrape tons of keywords for one of my projects. I started out with ~30 private proxies and pretty soon all of them were banned on Google. I was running just one thread and 19...
  15. I

    ScrapeBox Harvester - Which is the limit?

    Hi all! First of all, I'll ask you guys to apologies my english, I'm from Argentina :) I've bought 10 private proxies in order to srape Google index. The thing is that I've been scraping and my proxies have been banned by Google. So I've a couple of questions: 1- How much proxies do I need...
  16. M

    Scrapebox doesn't harvest a single URL! :(

    I recently purchased a copy of scrapebox, and I've trying for many days to do a successful harvest. With proxies enabled, it doesn't harvest a single URL. Sometimes it shows that the scrape is competed without actually harvesting any URLs (all keywords not completed) and sometimes it shows the...
  17. SearchEngine

    Can you guys help me about this with SCRAPEBOX?

    Hi everyone, I have a lil question, for those who have used SB cuz I make a lil usage of 2 addons ("vanity name checker" and "google competition finder") without proxies once each for a very short time like 5 mins the whole operation, maybe it would sound "stupid" but is it possible that...
  18. S

    my proxies are banned

    when i use my private proxies to harvest url on scrapebox it doesnt let me harvest from google because my proxies where blocked so is there anyway i can avoid this iin the future and i also have 10 private proxies.
  19. M

    503 error scrapebox

    Hi guys, I'm new to SB and i have 2 questions, I'm getting my proxies using Proxy Goblin. I use the elite setting and check for active proxies before I put them in SB, I'm getting a lot of 503 errors when I use some of the addons? 2nd question - I found that most of the wordpress blogs are...

    Just Asking

    Anybody got a list for all free proxy sites that url can be imported into scrapebox ?