scaling up

  1. dontfarm

    How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019

    How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019 Forget seeing other Facebook campaigns flop and learn the ins and outs of how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019. Taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of the advertising platform of Facebook can...
  2. A

    How Should I Scale?

    A little background about my way of making money, I have been doing freelance programming projects for a couple of years and was making around 1.5k-2k/month. It eventually became boring to work with different clients, satisfy their expectation and at the same time completing multiple projects in...
  3. bmanfacts

    [FUN QUESTION FOR EXPERTS](How) Would You Scale A 50% FBR?

    Self explanatory question, here's a bit of context. I found a way sometime ago to get a high FBR on <500 actions a day. Max 250 Follows Max 250 Unfollows Conservative speed And gain between 50-100 a day. Having discovered this & applying my scale in different ways, I want to pose the question...
  4. swisfa

    PPC scaling methods

    Hi, i have a bing ads campain that works well CTR= 3%, AVG CPC=0.30, Quality score= 9/10 and 100% ROI. The problem is i am getting between 10 to 15 clicks per day, and i am bidding 0.05$ per click, my daily budget is 10$ per day but always he is not totally spent, the campain spent only between...
  5. Noah Hawryshko

    (JV) My 100 Instagram Accounts and Your $1.00+ Per Account Per Day Method

    Do you have a working setup on Instagram that makes you at least $1.00 per day per account? Have you been having trouble scaling up? Have you had to deal with low-quality accounts, bad proxies, phone verifications, bans after posting links, or any other number of hassles that come with managing...
  6. Noah Hawryshko

    My 200 Account Instagram Journey to 85,000 Follows and $101.16 Per Day

    The Introduction: Hi all! I've picked up Instagram in the last little while and though I'd start a journey. Though this journey is primarily for the purpose of keeping myself accountable, I hope I can also help benefit others and give back to the community. This will be my first major endeavor...
  7. W

    How high have you scaled a method?

    So last month was my biggest month and I made about 12k by scaling but then the method blew got caught and smashed by the company. It wasn't illegal, just a lil blackhat. I am wondering how high have you guys scaled. Honestly I'm in need of a little motivation because I had dreams of making it...
  8. I

    My Journey

    Okay I just found this journey forum and should have posted on when I first started. So just to catch everyone up to "today".... I started almost 4 weeks ago from scratch and not knowing a thing. I made a crappy site and was doing the forwarding/ direct linking wrong. I got great advice and...
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