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Feb 6, 2019
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How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019

Forget seeing other Facebook campaigns flop and learn the ins and outs of how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019.
Taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of the advertising platform of Facebook can be a tricky road for advertisers and marketers to navigate. It rings even truer when it’s the time to scale up the FB advertising efforts. Gaining success at a much lower advertising budget doesn’t necessarily and automatically mean the same amount of success when spending more or double that amount in Facebook ads.
Increasing the budget for Facebook ads is not a minor decision. Anybody who has run and gained success in a Facebook ad campaign wants to go bigger and experience more success, reaching a ton of new audiences, gaining more customers, get more sales, and more. But, if done incorrectly, this scaling effort comes with a lot of risks, and that includes wasting a lot of money. As such, scaling up Facebook campaigns must be done carefully and smartly.
Our team has prepared this guide for everyone who is just starting their journey with Facebook or has long been using this advertising network

When to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns or Kill It?
There are a lot of strategies and methods, although some are better than the other, on how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019. But before scaling up Facebook ad campaigns, it’s necessary to know that scaling up is the best way to go.
Reduce the risk of having a Facebook ad fail and losing money by knowing when is the right time to scale up FB campaigns and when to kill one immediately.
After running an FB ad campaign for quite some time, about 24 to 48 hours, it would be enough to make appropriate decision on what is the best thing to do next: it can either be running the campaign for a little more time to gain more data, increase the budget and scale the ad, or kill it.

To Scale or to Kill
To make it a little bit easier to choose the best thing to do next after running a Facebook ad campaign, here are some general recommendations.

1. High Engagement but No Conversions
If the Facebook ad campaign has a high engagement and no conversions or sales, it might still have a chance for gaining success. The best thing to do next is to allow the campaign to run a few more hours, at least 12 hours, to collect more data. This scenario most likely happens because the campaign has a good targeting or audience, but the ad design might not be the best or even appropriate.
After the extended hours of running the ad campaign and it still didn't get any or a lot of sales, it might be best to turn the ads off and review the design. However, if the conversion starts picking up after that extended period, it would be ideal to keep the ad running, but with close attention and monitoring on its success for the next days.

2. Sales Profit Equals Ad Budget
When the profit generated from the ad campaign equals the budget spent with running the ad, it needs even more careful monitoring as the ad continues running. It doesn't have to be killed immediately as long as the ad campaign breaks even.
However, if the scale turns out for the worst after a couple of hours and the ad budget starts to exceed the sales the ad campaign is making, then it would save a lot if the ad will be turned off. On the other hand, if the sales profit starts picking up, then scaling the ad budget might just be possible.

3. Little Engagement and No Conversions
When, after running the ad campaign for a day or two, and it doesn’t pick up any kind of engagement or conversion, then it would be best to kill the ad and study why the campaign failed. It might be best to review the text and image used in the ad or revise the ad targeting or audience.

Once an ad campaign has been killed after getting very little engagement and very little to no sales after running it for at least 24 hours, it's time to check out the possible reasons that caused the ad to fail. An ad failure can be caused by a lot of factors. Are the prices of the product too high? Is the ad design not appropriate for the niche or audience? Is the design suitable, but the campaign is targeting the wrong audience? Looking at these failures is one way to start learning how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019.

“Scaling Up” FB Ads
Out of the scaling methods, one of the most common strategies being used is “scaling up.” This ad scaling method includes increasing ad investment to scale up the daily budget for the campaign and grow targeting and audience. Scaling up can be done in various ways such as launching a couple of ad creatives simultaneously, launching more ad sets, adding various ad types, and more.
After scaling the ad campaign, it is important to keep a close eye on its progress. Scaling up the ad budget will get Facebook to start increasing the reach of the campaign or serving the ad to more people within the target audience. If, after a few hours to a day, and the ad campaigns continue to pick up sales, increasing the budget once again is good. It will be ideal to keep scaling up the campaign budget as long as the sales increases and stopping the ad from running once it decreases.
Scaling up might also mean taking advantage of other methods instead of relying only on an increased ad budget. Scaling up can also be achieved through increasing or adjusting the target audience. After reaching the majority of the smaller groups within the niche, the next thing to do would be to consider scaling up into much broader interests by deleting some filters like relationship status, work, education, and adding more age groups.

“Scaling Out” FB Ads
Scaling out FB ad campaigns is another method to increase the reach of the ads and ultimately, the sale profits. This involves making use of successful ad designs from other niche and using it for ad campaigns for other niches that have the same interest. Successful ad designs, with little adjustments, might just be effective in other niches with similar interest.
For example, if a campaign design has been successful in an ad for a sport, then it can be as successful when used for another activity or sport with slight changes and adjustments. Or, if a design was successful in a country, then it might be just as successful when used in the global market.

5 Fool-Proof Methods for Scaling Up Facebook Campaigns
After determining the right time to scale up Facebook campaigns, it’s time to learn how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019 the smart way.

1. Learn the Best Way to Collect Data
One of the methods that should be mastered by any advertiser and marketer is tracking and learning how to collect campaign data to run successful FB ads and Affiliate programs on Facebook. Before scaling up ads, it is necessary to track their progress and establish metrics that should be met. Tracking ad campaign data should be done properly, and that is only possible with the right tools. The data to be collected, especially in CPA-marketing, must include the CPA, the traffic, and the leads.

2. Expand and Grow the Audience
With the data collected, the scaling-up process of Facebook ad campaigns can now be started. That method might be expanding the target audience of the campaign. This scaling strategy broadens the ad reach and helps increase the leads. But, it wouldn't be appropriate or helpful to the campaign to get carried away with the target expansion. The ads should only be places for targets which are relevant, and this can only be done in two smart ways: broaden the target location and increasing the number of lookalike audiences.
Location targeting in Facebook ad campaigns allows advertisers and marketers to target specific cities, provinces, states, or countries. Scaling up into a global audience after reaching the majority of the local audience is one of the best and low-cost strategies to reach more relevant audiences. It is especially helpful for global companies.
Another method, in this case, is to increase the lookalike audiences there are, which is another best and effective scale targeting tool for Facebook ad campaigns. It involves Facebook taking the existing audience of the ads and looking for similar users to for the campaign to reach.
However, there are also risks when target expansion is not done right. Although this scaling-up strategy might help reduce audience fatigue, If advertisers are not careful, this method can cause issues such as audience saturation and audience overlap. So, when expanding the target audience, it is important to do it gradually and not make the audience too large.

3. Scale Up Ad Budget Wisely
Scaling up Facebook ad campaigns doesn't necessarily mean applying more funds to the advertising budget. Blindly throwing large sums of money to up the ad budget is not the best option there is. When scaling up the ad investment, it is ideal to do it the right way, and that means not overdoing it too early in the ad campaign. Scaling up the budget means putting the resources on the line even before the ad campaigns proved they are worth that huge of an investment. Plus, it will also mess with the algorithm and cause a massive drop in the ROI.
Before increasing the added budget, it is smart to make sure that the campaign will continue getting a high ROI as the budget increases. To make sure this happens, and not the other way around, it will be ideal for increasing the ad spend moderately. The safest thing to say is to avoid increasing the ad spend to more than 20% every day.
But, even after the first increase of the ad investment, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to get the same amount of success it once got at a lower budget. As such, it is important to continue a close tracking of its performance. If it continues to pick up engagement and sales, then another increase in ad spend might be okay.

4. Freshen Up Ad Sets
Even the best, most successful, and proven ads will grow stagnant after some time. The lack of change in the performance of ad campaigns will also cost some money. This case is something that should be avoided in Affiliate marketing. It is necessary to freshen up the ad sets to avoid this from happening.
Creative is key when scaling up Facebook ads. No audience wants to see the same the old copies, images, and videos in ads over and over again. Even the ad campaigns that have gained huge success previously has to be revamped over time to avoid it going dry, ineffective, and a money pit.
Freshening up ads can be done in a lot of effective ways like using new and better approaches for ads such as slideshows and videos. A few tweaks in the campaign elements like the creative, link, or caption will keep the audience from seeing the same campaign and avoid the risk of ad fatigue.

It’s simple. The key on how to scale up Facebook campaigns with black hat offers in 2019 is a strategy. Learn the best strategies and methods, then apply and test them on the ads.

Step-by-Step Guide for Facebook Cloaking for Ad Campaigns
There are a lot of Blackhat advertising and Whitehat advertising strategies and methods that marketers and advertisers in Facebook use, and that includes Facebook cloaking.
Facebook cloaking involves promoting products that have been forbidden by Facebook policy. However, there is a smart way to pass the moderation process, and it comes in three stages.

1. Accounts Farming
The first stage in this Blackhat strategy in scaling up Facebook ad campaigns is farming social network accounts. Creating accounts might be good, but it will take a lot of time and effort. The easiest way to do the farming stage would be to buy Facebook ads accounts. These accounts have to be real and engage in real social activity. Getting and having as much FB ads accounts is ideal. The success rate in this stage will depend on the trust rate or the quality of the accounts. In that case, quality accounts will matter, and only FB aged accounts will work best.
There are also factors to consider when choosing account in this stage. Network accounts should have the correct IP Solution. The location of the IP should be a match to the zip code of the credit cards. Also, it has to have a residential IP, which means no VPN and no proxy.

2. Page Setup
The next stage in this scale-up strategy is setting up the page correctly. The best option would be to choose a community page or a local business. It is also important to maintain a high or at least a good quality score for the page. It has to have at least five posts and likes from friends it is a farmed account.

3. Page Warm-Up
The third and last stage in this method is warming up the page and building its quality score. There have to be at least a few quality ads, successful ones that have excellent engagement rates.
The first campaign for the page should be increasing the page likes, then post engagements. The higher the likes and engagements the page has, the higher it's quality score will be. The next one should be the website clicks campaign with the text, image, and URL that will be used for the blackhat offers and campaign.

Getting a successful Facebook ad campaign takes time. But with some tips and strategy, success will come eventually.

Tips in Choosing Trustworthy Accounts to Scale Up Facebook Ads
When it comes to Facebook advertising, accounts will always get banned and closed. Once an account makes mistakes, it's going to be marked and will ultimately get banned. That is why it is important only to use a trustful account when it comes to Facebook ad campaigns. One of the crucial goal for advertisers and marketers in Facebook to keep ad accounts active for as long as possible and avoid getting blocked.
It would be a godsend for every advertiser and marketer on Facebook to have their ad accounts alive for over a month. And since the Facebook policy is crazy and hardcore when it comes to account blocks, it would be smart to have as many ad accounts. And, getting as many accounts that are trustworthy is only possible with FB cloud accounts.
One of the best and most helpful ways on how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019 would be to use as many accounts as possible every day. But again, they have to be quality and trustworthy ad accounts to be effective.

What Makes Ad Accounts Trustworthy?
There are several features that make ad accounts trustworthy or gain a high trust rate. Whether it's creating ad accounts or buying them, advertisers should only buy facebook accounts that have these features.

1. Age-Old
One of the important features that gain an ad account a high trust rate is its age. The older the account is, the trustworthy it becomes when it comes to Facebook advertising. However, old age is not the only thing that is important. The account age should also come with some real activities. Otherwise, it will easily get banned. FB cloud accs that are at least two years old will less likely get banned than newly created accounts.

2. Current Social Activity
Again, the age of an ad account is not enough. It has to be active as well. That means the FB ads accs should have social activities. That includes having a number of friends and engagements such as page likes, comments, and shares. The more the account has these factors, the more trustworthy it gets and lesser risk of being banned.
When advertisers and marketers Buy FB accs for scaling up ad campaigns, it would be much better if those FB accounts are still active and used by their real owners. That would add to its social activity and session input.

3. Credit Cards Used
The credit cards used in the ad accounts will also matter. If the card data for the FB aged accs is not confirmed, the more risk it has to be banned by Facebook. Plus, accounts that use virtual credit cards doesn't have that much of a trust rate. Also, debit cards will also work better for upping the trust rate if the account compared to credit cards.

To sum it all up, for an ad account to become trustworthy for Facebook advertising, it should look like an account of a real person. That means it has to have a specific set of factors like age, social activity and engagement, and also has to have common personal identification such as email and telephone number. Otherwise, the ad account will be blocked instantly once users flag the ads. So, when buying accounts for Facebook advertising, it would be much better if it’s not new accounts or worst, bots. Only the real accounts of real people are trustworthy and less likely to be banned by Facebook.

What Makes Accounts Lower Trust Rate?
Knowing the factors that make an ad account trustworthy helps on how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019. But, identifying the elements that lower an account's trust rate will also help advertisers know what things to avoid.

1. Running a Lot of Campaigns from the Start
One of the suspicious behavior that Facebook hates, which results in getting the ad account banned after being flagged by users, is running a lot of FB ad campaigns right from the start. It is why it would be smarter to start ad campaigns gradually and not get overwhelmed with running countless ads at once.

2. Huge Money Spending at the Beginning of Account
Another suspicious behavior that causes ad accounts to get banned is spending huge amounts of money at the beginning of the account. Again, scaling up the ad budget and investment should be done gradually and consequently. Doing otherwise will not only increase the risk of losing money, but it will also lessen the trust rate of the ad account.

3. Changing Password
Ad account that constantly changes password will also look suspicious to Facebook. When this happens, the account will have a lower trust rate and have a higher risk of getting banned eventually.

4. Connection or Link to Blocked Accounts
Another element that lower the trustworthy levels of an FB ad account is its connection or link to another ad account that has previously been marked, flagged, or worst, banned by Facebook. It includes being friends or having shares and the same proxies and IP’s with that flagged or banned account.

With these elements that lower the trust rate of Facebook ad accounts, advertisers will be able to steer clear of such type of accounts to avoid getting banned.

More Tips for FB Advertisers
It pays to have the most trustful of account when scaling up Facebook ad campaigns. So, when making or purchasing a couple to a hundred ad accounts, some of these tips and schemes might just help.

1. Avoid Linking Accounts
Eventually, ad accounts will get banned. So, if Facebook advertisers and marketers have a dozen to a hundred accounts at their disposal, it would be smarter to avoid linking or connecting the accounts to one another, for when the time will come that an account gets flagged or banned. Being connected with a banned account would just lower the trust rate of those accounts that are still alive, or, it will get banned in the process as well.

2. Don’t Get Upset with a Blocked Account
Facebook advertising is a tricky place. The most evident fact is, accounts will get banned. It is only a matter of when. It can happen immediately or a few months. The sure thing is, it will happen. With this, it shouldn’t be a shock for FB advertisers when this happens.

3. Keep Your Scheme a Secret
Another tip that every FB advertiser and marketer will find valuable is to keep the schemes a secret, even to colleagues. It goes without saying, and advertisers should have known it from the beginning.

4. Long Term Business Over Short Term Money
A Facebook ad campaign done right can have a limitless success. This often causes advertisers to get overwhelmed with trying to achieve higher conversions and sales. However, when having to choose between short term money and long term business, the latter should always be chosen. Facebook advertising is profitable, and there is no reason to make all profits in one day.

5. Be Patient
There is no limit in getting success in scaling up Facebook blackhat campaigns. However, it’s a tricky business. It will take strategy to gain that success and with that comes effort and time. Fortune will always favor the prepared and patient ones.

There are countless strategies and methods to help attract more traffic, rank higher on search results, increase conversions, and ultimately, increase sales and profit. But, it goes without saying that Facebook advertising is tricky business even for seasoned and highly successful advertisers and marketers.
There is no easy way to scale up Facebook ad campaigns. The secret is to pack up on strategy, and a lot of it at that. Take the strategies and methods on how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019 ad campaigns would have a higher chance of getting the success that every advertiser and marketer wants.

If you have any questions, you can ask us here. We would be happy to assist :)

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Nice read. Howeevr BH ads are not worth it in my opinion.
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