1. S

    Change MAC address in Sandboxie...

    Hi! I want to install specific 3rd party programs on several sandboxes. The site permits creating multi-accounts with same IP. That don't allow you installing multiple instances on one machine though and you will be caught. So how to modify MAC address on each sandbox? Is there anything...
  2. pubudusoft

    [enhanceviews] How to get FREE 100K credits a day

    Hello, We all need youtube views for free. I found this great software called Sandboxie on another forum. It allows us to run multiple instants of enhanceviews bot. Sound good? Heres how... What you need A VPS or your own PC if you have unlimited resources. :) :>Cant afford a VPS?, get...
  3. S

    sandboxIE usefull - and not

    Its nice to use it on single exe's but what if you have to install a program then copy a crack over. Or if you have a prog that needs some project info and you want it to be used next time again.. once you close it, its all gone. Would it be safe to install a prog without sboxie and then just...
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