1. P

    Instagram S4S Tips

    Hi, I have a IG travel page with 4.5K followers. I've been messaging similar accounts for S4S but have a hard time finding smaller pages similar to mine as the search mostly shows bigger pages. I normally go to a profile then click the arrow that shows similar pages. Does anyone have any...
  2. ChrisMonkey

    Looking for shoutouts from rap music niche accounts with over 200,000 real followers.

    I manage a well known rapper's IG account and am looking for shout outs from major accounts. PM me if interested.
  3. withatwist

    What's a Good Method For Cross-Promoting My IG Accounts?

    Here's a list of my accounts. Every Saturday I update my spreadsheet to get an idea of what I'm gaining weekly and to see my total followers among all accounts I'm working. This update is from this past Saturday, to see how many followers I've gained from the week before. As you can see I'm...
  4. M

    Finding facebook pages for sharing

    Hi, I manage a facebook page and want a lot of pages to share my posts for money. But messaging them all on Facebook is too slow and difficult. Moreover, 99% of them don't answer. How can I find such pages easily? Can you recommend a good service for this? Thanks
  5. NicolaeP

    Instagram shoutout for shoutout

    Hi i have instagram account with 10k followers and 9% engagement. I'm looking to exchange followers with similar accounts. If you have a similar account on the niche travel / nature and with a close engagement, please give a reply here or in pm
  6. J

    Instagram fame group (engagement group 15k+ followers)

    Hi there! Me and fellow BHW member Bruna are searching for members who have instagram accounts that are above 15k followers. Purpose of the group is to give each other shoutouts and likes. You can ask anyone in the group for s4s. Shoutouts will make us grow a lot faster! How to join? Leave...
  7. alaxedk

    Facebook S4S Groups?

    Do you guys know any FB Share for Share groups?
  8. snrpro

    New Tool for Marketers and Influencers to Promote Their Snapchat Accounts

    I run a site called ShoutoutPost.com. We just announced that we added Snapchat to our portfolio of social networks that users can trade shoutouts on for free. I've noticed a large demand for users that want to trade shoutouts on Snapchat because of it's lack of promotion methods. If you're...
  9. V

    Facebook s4s health page 45k

    Hi, i am looking for someone to share posts with page that has similar number of likes like my page. My page members are mostly from USA, but have other countries as well. All users are real, have never paid for likes or something similar. Pm me with your offer.
  10. Dikla

    I'm interested on making Snapchat S4S

    Hello everyone as I have already said on the title I'm interested on making Snapchat S4S. I get like 4-5K views daily. add me on skype if you're interested: alkidgjini
  11. savobaby

    [Adult Snapchat] Share For Share? Join The Skype Group!

    If you're reading this and you have an adult niche Snapchat account and you'd like to do share for share posts to increase followers/engagement, feel free to add me on Skype! I get average about 4k - 7k views per story (depending on how much I post). My Skype username is - Savobaby
  12. RonTheHedgehog

    Instagram S4S Kik group (+20k followers)

    Hey guys, I want to start a new Instagram S4S group on Kik for people w/ +20,000 subscribers. Leave your Kik username here and I'll add you to the group. Thanks!
  13. B

    Instagram S4S , L4L , C4C etc. Gropu on KIK - 5k+ Followers only!

    Many groups are dead by now. Post your KIK Name down below, so I can add you to the group.
  14. ilikethecheesecakes

    Automated Rounds Engagement Group [Telegram]

    After being in a few large engagement groups, the "official" drops aren't as frequent. This is perfectly fine because I know the admins are in different timezones and have other stuff to do. However, we have started groups with automated rounds. You don't need an admin to run the rounds, there...
  15. savobaby

    [Free] I'll Promote Your Kik/Snapchat/Instagram Username On My Website

    Hey guys, I've decided to I want to help out people in this community who are looking for ways to get more Snapchat, Kik or Instagram friends. I don't expect any money in return for doing this at all, but a link back to my site/or a website shoutout from your account would be greatly...
  16. M

    Instagram KiK Group 1k-100k

    I am creating a Instagram group on Kik. If you want to join, please leave your kik down below. I will not add you if you have less then 1,000 followers. Thanks!
  17. M

    Hosting instagram S4S Group [Shout out for Shout out] must have atleast 1k! say your kik/skype too

    Hosting a S4S group train must have atleast 1k and an active fan base, say your skype or kik aswell so i can add you to it!
  18. Vonpack

    Snapchat BHW shoutout group?

    Yello, I know Instagram has its counterpart here on BHW. Well, if it doesn't, I am interested in either doing s4s or purchasing shouts on Snapchat. I have two accounts with a combined daily story view of around 5000 in the adult niche. If you're in any shape or form interesting in either...
  19. LawrenceRad

    Fitness Engagement Group 5K+ Preferably

    Hi BHW, I'd like to make a new fitness niche engagement group. I'm open to continuous shoutouts as well. 5K+ Followers to be invited to this group is ideal but not mandatory. Please leave your Kik below and I will do my best to respond immediately. Thank you :)
  20. LawrenceRad

    When is the best time to start S4S?

    Hi BHW. This is my first new thread. :) I have a bodybuilding Instagram page. I started May 5th (3 1/2 weeks ago) and took 1 week off. I currently have 1,555 followers and I gain approx. 100-130 followers daily. I'm currently not planning on doing S4S because I want to keep my page as...
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