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  1. Ankonz

    [Resources] Special Hidden Resources of Copyright Free Video Footage ( Create Outstanding Youtube Video Using Those Clips )

    Hey Lovely BHW Folks, Today I want to share with you some awesome & outstanding resources where you can find unlimited HQ Copyright Free Video Footage. You can use those footages to your own Youtube video. If you use it properly you can create more Amazing youtube videos from now. You guys...
  2. Ankonz

    [Resources] Some Hidden Source of Best Royalty Free Musics for Youtube Video

    Here is a great list of sources to get Royalty Free Musics for your Youtube Video. Hopefully, you will never ever face any problem again to find best music for your video.
  3. Asif A Khan LONDON

    [GET] Stock Footage Ultimate + BONUS + OTO = + 80gb + Royalty FREE Video

  4. ShiningWarrior

    Regarding Images for Landing pages/blogs and anything else

    Hi, at freepik/other such site, they want us to credit the maker of the vectors/images. So, when you use them for making landing pages/blogs/t-shirts or anything else, do you give credits? I just wanted to know that what is gonna happen if we don't give credit? I mean how will freepik/other...
  5. Techxan

    Affordable images for your website has a new service called "On Demand". You can now get images for 50 cents (.5 USD) for use in your efforts. Just got this e-mail Just go to if you need them.
  6. L

    Background Music for Youtube Videos

    Hi Folks, I have started promoting my niche on Youtube. I have made some videos however I wondered if anyone knew of a place to download any half decent music that could be used as background sound. It goes without saying (Quite why I'm saying it then, I can't quite say) that it would need to...