1. thebotmaker

    Thread rotator / Switch threads after X minutes

    Scenario: You want to read all the threads related to a particular topic. (Test query performed below) Rather than finishing one thread then going backwards and forwards in the browser / opening multiple tabs which takes up more memory, my suggestion is to enable a timer that will rotate the...

    JV - We Have Offers for Every Country!

    Hey Guys, We're looking to partner with a few selected members of BHW. What we are looking to do is test our new superlink algorithm with your mobile traffic. Here are the Pros & Cons - Pros - +Over 10,000 active high paying and high converting offers through one specialized link. +Offers are...
  3. K

    Super easy to use Faucet Rotator

    Hello guys, i have found new Satoshi Faucet Rotator. All the common and known faucets are in, like moonbit or bitcoinker. I have used it the last two days, per cycle i made around 20k-25k Satoshi. It seems that this rotator is related to a faucet, but the faucet is not working right now...
  4. A

    Ppv - url rotator

    Hi Fellow BHer I would like to run a few offers in the same niche. I know if i set them up individually. There is a possiblity of burning cash this way. I was thinking of rotating the offers to see which performs best instead of trying them individually. Now, I don't have a rotator...
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