rotate proxy

  1. B

    Rotating with Power usb HUB

    Hey guys!! I have fee questions please , I setup a 4g proxy with mixed dongles (ZTE MF823 and Huawei E3372-H) I use a USB hub for each dongle which means: ONE raspberry PI = 1 dongle = 1 USB HUB = 1 IP I'm trying to make rotating with Orico USB hub (Power usb hub) but the it won't...
  2. Dat Huynh

    Good rotating proxy service?

    + There is a pool with many ips + Support mul port + mul threads + Have API, can change ip in port with API request (like proxyrack) + Cheap :P Is there such a service?
  3. Brickbat1

    Setup your own Mobile 3G/4G Rotating Proxy with your Android Phone

    Hi, This works perfectly if you are not running your campaigns on a remote VPS. If you just run them on your home pc and you have an Android Phone with a 3G/4G connection, then you do not need to buy Backconnect rotating proxies, you can set them up yourself.:) First you will need an Android...
  4. I

    socks5 server

    Hi, i have 100 socks5 list and i want to make it rotate socks5 server in one IP adresses using VPS digital ocean, any help or tutorial about it ? Best regards