rotate ip

  1. Bakidaki

    How to rotate 4G proxies IPs?

    Hi :) , over the last 2-3 months I have been working on making my own 4G proxies. After figuring out many problems, I have finally succeeded. Now I am strugling with making the proxies rotate, since everyone who uses 4G proxies knows they are almost useless for mass automation without IP...
  2. P

    Newbie question about 4G Proxy

    Hello everybody, My question is, for 1 4G Proxy, who can rotate manually every five minutes. Whats the amount of different IP, i know its a weird question but are they a number limit of different IP for 4G Proxy? Or are they "unlimited" or always different? (Sorry for my english btw)
  3. illusory

    Premium 4G LTE Proxies. USA, Unlimited, Massive IP Pool, Raw, Rotating, API

    Illusory Website | Pricing | Changelog | Roadmap Hey BHW Members! Meet Illusory - Premium USA 4G LTE Proxies Order Website: General ❓ Where are they located? Currently ― Los Angeles, CA area. Other locations are on our roadmap. ❓ What carrier networks do you have...
  4. Brickbat1

    Setup your own Mobile 3G/4G Rotating Proxy with your Android Phone

    Hi, This works perfectly if you are not running your campaigns on a remote VPS. If you just run them on your home pc and you have an Android Phone with a 3G/4G connection, then you do not need to buy Backconnect rotating proxies, you can set them up yourself.:) First you will need an Android...
  5. PinnerMe

    Setting up Power MTA on Interspire

    We need someone that knows how to install the Interspire and set up a server with port25/Power MTA mail server, config it with DKIM and SPF and feedback loops. set the domain limits so we will not exceed per ip. I do not have the server or the software. I need accompaniment in purchasing server...
  6. Jeeten Parmar

    Rotate IPs for Interspire

    I know how to rotate IPs on the server and I am using it for PhpList. Nowadays, I am planning to use Interspire but I don't know how to rotate IPs for that. Can someone please help me? I also came to know about PowerMTA but I am unable to find any download link.
  7. royal2b

    rotating proxies ?

    Was wondering how to rotate proxies or what tool to use to do so on my vps to create multiple accounts for a site. A tool that makes it easy to load them in and rotate ? thanks
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