1. BlackSugarz

    imei discussions

    Hello guys, I don't know where to post this btw I have this in my mind for long time what will happen if I use the same imei on couple phones ? calling in different phones with the same imei !? or calling someone has the same imei number ? will it work ? Will it have any violations from...
  2. Samusya

    İnstagram User Agent Change

    Hi friends I need to change this information to open an unlimited account Device ID, Phone ID, User Agent Instagram {Application Version} Android {{Build Version} / {Android Version}; {Screen DPI Value}; {Device Resolution}; {Manufacturer Name}; {Device Model}; {Device Language} I want to...
  3. TuffRivers

    Root domain with multiple subdomains question

    I have an ecomm site with a root domain and two sub domains based on country, i am going to start an aggressive SEO strategy for them but im confused as to what domain i should be posting all of the content on and ultimately promoting for backlinks. I know the obvious answer is the root domain...
  4. assiri


    Hi everyone ... Can You Help me Please i have i problem : i upload a guide app on playstore but it was rejected i d'ont now why ?? thanks
  5. 5

    wtr fast root serv + multi ip

    i´m new in this forum and building 2 new projects for this projects i´m serarching a fast but cheap rootserver for linux + isp config in the uk and one in an save land for some special tests can anyone please give me a good tip?
  6. gman777

    Does it matter what web 2.0 I'm using

    Some web 2.0 have different main topical trust flow. For e.g Tumblr has computer as main topical TF, while blogpost has society. Since I'm using a subdomain of that main domain, does it matter what topical TF the root has? Also, does it matter the strength of that particular web 2.0's root...
  7. Bostoncab

    all my links are anchor text 1 keyword to root domain. Fiverr?

    all my links are anchor text 1 keyword to root domain. Fiverr? Do you think I can overcome this with some fiverr gigs? IF so which ones would you recomend?
  8. Q

    newbie here... question about www. vs. root

    While looking at the inbound links to my site and I have noticed that the number of linking root domains to my site is different in the root domain that it is in the w w w sub domain? I hope my terminology is correct. My question is: for best SEO results which one should I focus my backlinks...
  9. D

    I need 35 exact match linking domains!

    Hi all, I need a link to my site using exact match on root domains from different IPs, varying types and locations, loosely relevant to my niche. 35-40 in total. Can anyone do this for me please on maybe an already existing network? Thanks
  10. 420friendly

    Sub Domain VS Sub Directory

    Here is a good question for you.... Say you own tools. com and you are going to be selling Makita tools... Would you do this "tools. com/makita" or " com" What would be better for SEO and why?
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