1. Alphaman77

    Sitemap issue

    Hey i have a site and its sitmap is not indexing i use yoast plugin and my robot txt file is also right can anyone tell me how to fix my sitemap issue plzz!
  2. C

    Google rebots.txt

    Hey guys upon updates on the site that was indexed on Bing and not indexed on Google. after checking coverage on search console i. i did check coverage and i got i message saying "linked crawled but not indexed" so i did checking robots.txt file blocking but this is what it shows User-agent...
  3. Chris.Roark robots.txt question

    Do you guys know anything about changing the robots.txt file? I know that articles from medium regular members (those with @ before user ID) used to rank. For example a regular user's URL https:// @username/ the-story-title-here But by checking their robots file...
  4. S

    Robots.txt file for two CMS in same domain

    Hi, Yesterday, one of my friend asked this question. I have a website, which is created using Drupal CMS with a sub domain blog "" which has Wordpress CMS. I would like to block few posts in " from search engine index by using...
  5. N

    Wordpress SEO - Robots

    I have a Word press Website. I want search engine robots not to follow the Footer part of the site. Where and what to write in the robot.txt file? Do I need to write anything on the footer.php file? - Please Help
  6. dipakgseo

    Use of Robot.txt for bing?

    If I want index my page in google for specifically avoid bing, how to do that? Don't want to index in bing? tell me..
  7. C

    reciprocal links and robot.txt

    Hi, I've been thinking about doing some reciprocal links and then putting on my robot's file to "nofollow" and "noindex" the page where I am supposed to be giving links. That way it will look as they are 1-way links instead of reciprocal links. Could I get penalized for this? Or there...
  8. skywalker55

    What settings do you recommend for htaccess and robot.txt files to camoflage WP-robot

    I cant ignore the constant output from google about clamping down on automatically generated content. They mentioned it again on their adsense email update today. So with that in mind I wondered if some of the Wp-Robot pros's would mind sharing there strategies for camoflaging WP-robots...
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