1. kuldeepsingh689

    AMP pages creating 404 error

    Hello Friend, I used amp plugin before, now i delete that plugin. I saw 404 error on GWT. How can i solve these error. Redirect amp pages to current page or robots txt disallow amp pages example: Disallow: /?amp Disallow: /?noamp=mobile Disallow: /?nonamp=1&amp Disallow: /?nonamp=1...
  2. N

    Yandex Metric Robotics

    Hello to all! Tell me who has experience with Yandex metrics. What service can drive traffic to the site so that Yandex metric counts traffic without robots? I tried many services, bought traffic, but Yandex metric shows some robots.
  3. Rollfic

    Should I edit robots.txt?

    So there is no robots.txt in my file manager. Searched it more than one time lol. This is what my robots.txt look like from the URL - Should I remove the Disallow and Allow and add Crawl-Delay of 5 or something?
  4. M

    How to analyze backlinks after blocking robots

    Hello, I've been interested in SEO for some time and have one question. If I block Ahrefs, Majestic etc robots in htaccess file, how can I analyze the incoming links to my site and how can I check the indexing of new links?
  5. fb3003

    blocking robots | htaccess | site speed?

    do you guys practice blocking all robots (except google, bing, yahoo) on your site using htaccess and see an improvement in ranking? reason why i ask about serp improvements, because i know speed has a positive correlation on site ranking. and by blocking those nasty robots, I would assume...
  6. MehdiBmm

    How to remove these from SERPS?

    Hey pals, I've got a wordpress blog based on Sahifa theme and I noticed that numbered pages are indexed that countain like an archive for posts. Screen below: Problem is, on Yoast Seo I got the category page not indexed, the author's archive and other archives are not to be indexed too...
  7. Sunil Thakur

    Website Crowling issue !!

    Hello there, I have a website, it's not cache by google. I will tried all methods but it still same. Please guys help me.
  8. F

    Making money with bots - i know how, but what?!

    Hey! Let me start with introducing myself. I am a software developer (mostly web applications - backend/frontend). I do this for money and i really enjoy it. As a "free time" activity, i also really enjoy building web or api bots. I still have a lot to learn, but it has always been my passion...
  9. M

    Robots.txt Optimization

    Hi Everyone, Get me clarify with this... User-agent: * Disallow: /demo/* I have some around many URLs like Now I need to deindex the urls after demo!!! Kindly help me with this
  10. Werombi

    Blocking Bots - Which method is best in htaccess?

    Hi All, I have seen 2 methods of blocking bots through htaccess floating around and cannot see the operating difference. Can someone please explain the difference? If you know of what is best practice that be great too... Im using wordpress themes if this make any difference. First and...
  11. O

    My wordpress sites have dropped from Google Search after changes--what am I missing?

    I've recently started making websites for my businesses and some of my clients with Wordpress instead of traditional html like I've always done. The problem is, I noticed that these new sites didn't have any 'descriptions' when they came up under search ("A description for this result is not...
  12. CAJ

    Where to get Robot traffic

    It's nut! I've been reading on robot and is driving me crazy. Pardon me but I need more traffic to make a test on my site. Where can I get this 'robot traffic?" I'm using content ad.
  13. djgbshows


    sooooooooooooooo it just hit me!!!!, wtf am i doing with my life!, i am a software developer and i can make almost anything that my image lets me fathom! So why not make a cpa bot, and not just any bot but a cpa bot that automates the campaigns that ppl on blackhat world show makes them...
  14. F

    My experience with IG

    Hi I would like to share my experience with IG and ask for small assistance. I have 3 accounts which I have managed manually before I found out about about bots and programs for management. In general I was doing something similar as robot - following people, tried to follow at least 100 a...
  15. Smakkaoui

    product picture at DropShipping

    I have a question Is about the pictures of products, you get them from the dropshipper site exemple : aliexpress ! is there any problem with ebay, amazon, google ROBOTS ?? if the answer is yes, how can we avoid this issue ? Thank you for advance
  16. Y

    How to write my Robot.txt

    Somebody tell me how to write my robots.txt file? I saw google had indexed those kind urls: ?cat=34&dir=asc&limit=20&mode=list ?cat=51&dir=asc&limit=15&mode=list ?cat=54&dir=desc&limit=15&mode=list ?cat=73&dir=desc&limit=20&mode=list ?cat=64&dir=desc&limit=25&mode=grid This is sub...
  17. Dr Webinstein

    Majestic and forbidden robots.txt

    Hey all long time reader first time poster, was hoping to reach out for some advice here, and sorry if this has been indexed and answered a million times over ! Basically is Majestic worth getting indexed and crawled with regularly, and their whole trustflow citation, before I begin, and second...
  18. freddief

    Best bots for Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Youtube and Soundcloud?

    I have been using followliker for a while and it works perfectly. I now want to find working bots for Google+, Facebook,YouTube and Soundcloud. Does anyone have experience using bots for either of these social platforms? and if so, which bots work best? IMPORTANT - I'm looking to buy the bots...
  19. codeman1234

    Blocking robots on money site?

    Hello guys, I got a question, does anyone blocks robots on money site? In case you want to hide some backlinks you don't control from competitors? Or what is the best way to do this? Since it feels odd to block robots on money site? What you guys think? Thanks
  20. J

    NoMoreCaptchas Affilate Program

    If you're interested in making money and you work with high traffic sites, our plugin eliminates bot's at the user login. It's a new technology called "Bio-Chronometrics" which authenticates a user based on their unique user behavior such as click, type, text, or swipe on any device. If you...
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