1. The Hierarchical 1

    Dirty ways of dealing with the competition in an online/offline business?

    Hey, On a serious and realistic note - imagine that you run a legal offline/online business. One of your competitors have decided to be a snake behind your back, even though, you both have an informal agreement on that one specific thing. If we put the principles and tolerance aside since the...
  2. N

    Finding my rivals best content:

    Here's what I'm looking to do: I have a list of sites like the ones that I run, I'd like to be able to monitor those domains and have the most popular content(determined by social media *likely*) of those domains listed in my rss feed. I believe Buzzsumo can do this but they only have so many...
  3. V

    Ebay - Destroy a rival!

    Hello, My friend has a great shop selling electrnics on ebay. And he's got only one rival in the niche, but he's working unfair, dumping and putting too low prices, thus making my frined lowing prices too and loosing money. I need some advice to help my friend and destroy his rival. Black Hat...
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