1. harveyspecter123

    @opensea scammed me for 500$

    @Opensea not replying and not answering after I paid him 500$ for the ad spend for more than 3 days. So we had a deal and I made sure to formalize everything and made the deal on bhw private message as attaching all screenshots below. We agreed to do BH campaigns Google Ads and he agreed to do...
  2. zhmurki

    How do you report rippers?

    Hi,I have a question, on some forums there is a section where you can report a seller who did not deliver and did not give money back.Do you have this section here?If not would be nice to have it so other forum members whould be aware.Thanks
  3. theliosc

    Recommend web scarper / webripper tool

    Hi Guys, I need some help. I am currently working on a jobsite that will target specific people with even more specific jobs :) I would love to grab a tool that would crawl trough the big job hunting sites (monster, seek, careerone, mycareer) and with the provided keyword it would grab the...
  4. J

    anyone know of working tumblr image ripper

    ive tried most and they dont work nomore i had one where i donated to but not even that one works anymore so any of you guys know of a tumblr ripper?
  5. X

    Rip Off YouTube Videos For CPA Offers

    After I find a niche to promote I build my landing page. For example sake I?m going to talk about a ?Political Poll?. Some example question would be: Is the US ready for a Female President? Is Hillary worthy enough to be the first Female President? Who would make a better President, Obama...
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