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    After I find a niche to promote I build my landing page. For example sake I?m going to talk about a ?Political Poll?. Some example question would be:

    Is the US ready for a Female President?
    Is Hillary worthy enough to be the first Female President?
    Who would make a better President, Obama or Hillary?
    Will Hillary officially give up the race?
    Those are just some example for polls that we can use. The next step is to gather a domain name. Now, I wouldn?t necessarily gather a domain name in regards to a specific candidate. Instead I would buy up a general political related domain name.

    Drop your poll onto the domain. If you want to get your split testing done quick create 4 versions of your poll with different colors. Poll Factory makes this a simple thing to do. You can also create versions of your poll will different patter (the words you have on the page), different images, different RSS feeds/content, etc. Rotate about 5 of those polls through the iFramer/Rotator so that you can get a good split testing in.

    Now, goto YouTube, click on the video tab. This is essentially the hub of the website. Here you can access all videos that YouTube has. You can even get them sorted for you by

    Rising Videos
    Most Discussed
    Most Recent
    Most Responded
    Most Viewed
    Top Favorites
    Top Rated
    This is cool because we can select the category we want and then find the video that is most viewed? top favorite, most discussed? Whatever we want to find basically. For the example I?m using in this post I would navigate to the ?News and Politics? category on the left side. Once you select your category you can then browse to the ranking that you want. In other words to the top rated news and politics video. Now these are the videos for Today. So these would be the top rated videos for Today. I like to select the ?Rising Videos? category. These are videos that are climbing the YouTube ladder.

    Select whatever video you want, then jump over to . Thats a nice little site that I found for taking YouTube videos from YouTube and putting them right to your desk top. Their server is sometimes busy? But if you wait 30 seconds it should be good to go. Now, because I have a Mac I select MP4 or MOV from the drop down menu. But because most of you have Windows, you will most likely want to select AVI. It should be automatically selected for you.

    Now, Ruck mentioned in a post about YouTube a program called ?Video Watermark Factory?. That?s the program Ruck suggests and uses for watermarking your videos. But because I have a Mac I just open up iMovie and add a watermark.

    Don?t just add the watermark in the beginning or at the end. Your watermark should be throughout the video. Some of the videos that I have show my watermark 100% of the time, others show my watermark at key moments (close up shots, funny moments, etc.)

    Your watermark can say ?, ? or whatever you want it to. I prefer the clean look so I just use ? Don?t forget to add your domain name in the description of the video. This is key because people will be able to easily click your link and get taken right to your site. I have noticed that my CTR on video websites is far higher than with PPC. Just make sure you get an enticing video that engages the viewer. A ?rising? video if you will!

    Other sites were you can upload your video include:
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    Nice share!

    Since you are copying others videos does youtube ever delete yours because of duplicate content?
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    Inside of your mom's TomTom.
    I'm pretty sure this is taken off the website...
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    Here's the original blog post that this was ripped from
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    ha ha rip it off some site and paste it on BHW, but anyways thanks for the share
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