1. AmeliaLily

    Rip Football Legend Pele

    Brazilian legend remembered as the king of soccer
  2. TomTheCat

    Who is coming to the Bitcoin Conference in 2023?

  3. the gent

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    This day is a sad day and everybody shocked as we lost one of the best NBA big player and a human being as well he died in a helicopter crash with his daughter:weep: RIP Kobe Bryant
  4. choboanem

    RIP Christopher Waller aka KING COMM

    My Dear Friends & BlackHatWorld Community, It is with overwhelming sadness that I must inform you all that on January 14th, Chris passed away. There was no foul play and we strongly believe that it was not intentional. Out of respect for Chris and his family, I will not be going into the exact...
  5. CalumAnderson

    Can I RIP Event Attendee's Email?

    Hi! So I know using tools like 'fbcandy' you can rip the emails and data of people in groups. Has anyone been able to find a tool to rip emails from events? For example I would want to rip all the public emails from people who have clicked 'attending' to a certain event.
  6. Nad2017

    How/where to find good landing pages?

    I'm looking to get nice and free landing pages for some CPA offers such as: Win free iPhone, email submits ..etc but i have no idea where to look is there a place or a way where i can find landing pages? for free? or a list of competitors's landing pages so i can rip them if i have too.
  7. gman777

    asap1 perma

    The fuck? We're not friends or something, but still I know that he was a pretty reputable member. How did he managed to get perma banned?
  8. gman777

    Don't you feel like BHW is slowly dying?

    Fo real. Now that t0mmy left, this question popped in my mind. Cuz I feel like the number of existing reputable members is becoming less and less as the time passes. And there ain't 'nouf people, I mean newbies who actually manage to even become a decent active member...
  9. thatPaul

    IG f#cks up again...

    Has everyone else noticed that IG no longer lets you return to your feed where you last left it? Instead it reloads you back to the top of your feed. Example 1: * I open the app, scroll down my feed for 5 mins. * Receive a text message. * Leave app to reply to text message. (10 seconds away...
  10. A

    help me for rip this falsh template

    i want to rip this swf template with xml who can help me?
  11. Baree

    How to protect my videos from others ripping and reuploading them?

    Hello everyone! I started my journey with YT+CPA/PPD a few weeks ago and until yesterday everything was fine, BUT: suddenly 3 of my accounts got banned with 6 videos on them in total. Okay, that's fine I said, I will reupload them with different accounts, only to find out that my videos are up...
  12. IamNRE

    Chris Kelly - RIP

    Chris Kelly, half of 1990s Kris Kross rap duo, dead at 34 Source CNN
  13. H

    wordpress theme rip

    I would like to get this theme "Cascade - Personal Vcard Wordpress Theme" I find many free sources for the HTML version, but absolutely nothing for the wordpress. Anyone any ideas? I really want this but don't have 30 bucks for buying.
  14. V

    [FREE] The Null thread

    Hello, I learned a lot from BHW and i want to give something back to the community. Give me the script you want to Null and i'll try and Null it at my best :) Other nullers from BHW are invited :) PS : I do not guarantee but i'll provide my help at my best :) Cheers, Dave
  15. C

    How to rip/copy exactly a custom WP theme?

    I want to rip or copy a wordpress theme used in this website which I came across in one of the pop up Ads and for my wonder, it was a WP theme. The URL is theme is CMS Theme for Sole Redemption website The details is given as follows
  16. P

    Ripping Sites

    Hi guys, I wanted to know how others are ripping the whole site with php source. I have seen many sites ripped with full source code. Here i mean source code as the scripts, not html. I was wondering how they could do this. If u guys know something abt ripping the sites with source, please help...
  17. K

    New dating site - Extracting profiles

    I have a new dating site but the main problem is having sufficient profiles on the database to encourage more people to sign up. Just want to know from the experts what the best method to generate profiles for the dating site. ATM i've tried using web content extractor to copy profiles for other...
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