1. daica85

    Banned your account? Buy a PayPal, Payoneer ,Chime ....

    Content not in line with BHW rules.
  2. Cashtag

    Stealth Accounts Solutions

    Stealth Accounts Solutions (PayPal,Cashapp,Coinbase & More) Are you looking to expand your online businesses and accept more payments methods? Maybe you're just trying to stealth and keep it on the low? Well, I'm here to provide you with some HQ accounts! Features ~ Send/Receive Money ~ ~...
  3. Mike Delgado

    TransferWise & Revolut - tax?

    Hi guys, How does it work with TransferWise and Revolut. Do they report the amounts themselves to the national tax agency, or is it completely up to yourself? My first thought is that they prob. do register everything for you? Let’s say you Will have 50k USD transfererd to the account over a...
  4. jawnyh

    Revolut doesn't care about their customers

    I just wanted to revive the Revolut account that I used for travelling 2 years ago but was kind of dormant for a few months because I used my local card. I saw my balance was negative because it automatically charged me for the premium plan fees. I thought to myself well, let's just top it...
  5. S

    Best starting payment processor for dropshipping?

    I want to start Shopify dropshipping really and soon and I was wondering what's the best payment processor, with the least amount of issues? Few things I have to add, which makes things a bit more complicated: I'm not from the US (I'm from Romania, to be exact), and I want to start without...
  6. Kevinpro

    WTH! For Revolut Accounts

    I'm looking for this Revolut company account who can provide me ?
  7. R1ckS4nch3z

    Revolut gives free debit card via invitation link

    If you don't know what Revolut is; it's an online banking where you can open a local UK bank account and get paid. PS. If I can find 5 people to sign up and top up at least 10 bucks they will update my subscription for 1 year for free. So if any of you is located in EU and wants to open an...
  8. asdolo

    Payoneer TO -> Transferwise or Revolut

    Guys, anyone know if you can link Payoneer to Transferwise and/or Revolut? I'm working with Appen and they pay only to Payoneer: now Payoneer is linked to Paypal but i would like to know if it's possible to link it to either Transferwise or Revolut... I CAN'T find anything on google about that...
  9. M

    Withdrawing funds from Paxum using Revolut service

    READ THIS PARAGRAPH AS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! I cannot guarantee if that method will be working for you. I cannot be held responsible if you lose your money, because different countries may have different ways of handling these kind of things. This method was tested in Poland, and it says that...