review accounts

  1. M

    I Need Fiverr Reviews From Experts

    Hi, Please I need review and is very urgent to me . I want to rank my gigs on Fiverr so that order will keep flowing. Thanks
  2. P

    How to remove Google negative reviews?

    I have a business and had Google verified business listings, There are negative reviews given by some online competitors, not from my customers. I have a 2.8 rating over there so I want to remove those reviews OR I want to improve my review rating at GMB. How?
  3. adm1234

    Upword reviews and feedback needed

    Does anyone knows a good provider for upwork reviews?
  4. 5punk

    Need Yelp reviews for South California

    Hello, I'm looking for dripped Yelp reviews (3 per week) for a local business from aged accounts, geo IP should be South California. Reviews MUST stick and replacement guarantee must be provided. Looking for a long term relationship. Google reviews are secondary but please do provide...
  5. B

    Need google review (British Columbia Accounts, local IPs only)

    It could be a long term deal if you can provide google review with absolutely genuine account. Preference: Account should be local guide or have posted at least 3+ reviews PM me with your quote and details.
  6. B

    [Q] How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon 2020?

    Hi BHW May i know The fastest way to get free stuff/samples on Amazon? I heard lot of ppl are getting free sample for review purposes. And making out huge money profit by making review video through affiliate program. I have purchased few best sellers product did the review on...
  7. T

    Yelp Reviews that STICK - From Anywhere in the US

    Looking for some Yelp reviews that stick! Obviously willing to pay for this, I'm looking for around 10 spread over a few days. I want them to stick. Who can help me out here?! Let me know what the best way to reach out to you is and price - would love to work something out long term.
  8. Y

    Looking For USA GMB Reviews

    Looking for quality reviews USA reviews Requirements *Quality Accounts *Dripped out over time *Real accounts with Pictures *Geo Targeted for the US, more specifically for the Houston Texas Region *Drip Fed over time
  9. N

    [WTB] Upwork Reviews

    Hi, I'm looking for Upwork reviews. Contact me and send me your price.
  10. miluge

    WTB Fiverr / Upwork Bulk Review

    Hi, I'm in a need of bulk review for a Fiverr account : -Preferably aged account + 1yr Same offer for Upwork : -Aged account : +1yr Waiting for your PM or reply in thread
  11. michel hocks

    Is It Possible to remove Yelp business profile permanently

    I am trying to remove a business page 100% off i can't see any option to do that.Guys please any one have Idea how can I do that?
  12. A

    Looking to buy Fiverr reviews

    I am looking for 5-10 reviews on a gig I have on Fiverr Will provide an additional $1 per review which mounts to $6.5 via paypal Level 2 Accounts preferred PM me or post on the thread if interested **copied/pasted an existing thread; need the same help
  13. C

    Copycat review checker

    Is there a website that can check a newly written review, and compare it to all reviews worldwide to see if it's a copy? I'm asking because I have review writer and I want to make sure they're writing original reviews and not simply copying other reviews (Yelp, Google, etc.) and sending them to me.
  14. H

    Amazon Reviews

    Need help with Amazon reviews
  15. Mirkogiovannetti

    Review Google My Business - ITALY

    Dear Friends I need 5 review to my business to ITALY. Review About gogle My Business The review must be make using Local Italian Guide Account.
  16. A

    Looking for yelp reviews in california

    I'm looking for reviews that'll stick. Yelp has been taking down reviews left and right. Looking for aged / elite accounts in southern california. Please pm me your prices and additional info. If things work out, will continue for the long run. Thanks
  17. T

    I need help to get reviews on yelp!

    Hello everybody im looking for somebody who can help me to get yelp reviews :) any sugestions?
  18. H

    Need Amazon US Verified Reviews FREE+15$

    Hi everybody. I need an old account(not a review account) with more than 50$ spent with a credit card on amazon us. I need 5 reviews total. I will pay 15$ compensation using paypal or bitcoin. PM if interested, i have some questions to ask first.
  19. EliG_SEO

    Google/Facebook fake review : what not to do

    Hi guys, I want to help a client getting new reviews for his Google My Business and Facebook. I plan to create a new email for each review, but I'm wondering if there's important factors I should be aware of like : 1. How much time between reviews to not get a flag? 2. Since Google ask me a...
  20. T

    Looking for Review Posting (Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Bing)

    I am looking to have reviews made for a local family fun center in the US. Posting accounts need to be aged and have a history of reviews. Some can be new but most must be aged. Need to be from unique US IPs, preferably coming from southern California. Pictures will be provided and must be...