1. Hr3doy

    How I Got 1M Visitors In 6 Months (Technique)

    My website got 1M visitors in 6 m. And a total of 21.5 million impressions. For this result, I care about, - Customized SEO Tips - A definite and precise goal And it's generating $9.8K per month. 3 Customized SEO Tips for this site: 1. 80/20 Rules 80% of traffic is coming from 20% of...
  2. Kadha

    [ADULT TUBE] Journey to 200K visits per month

    Hello BHW! After some inspiration from @wirestyle journey, I decided to create my own journey! Around 2 years ago I started "selling" Leaked Onlyfans content and made quite some money for a teenager. I decided to re-invest the money into an Adult Tube around September of last year. But I only...
  3. rockj7238

    My journey in the steps of Wirestyle

    Hello all, This will be a thread where I update my journey venturing into adult tube sites. Please bear in mind I am a new user on this forum, go easy on me :) Background: Over the course of the past year I have been building an OF marketing and management agency. The OF business has been my...
  4. M

    Journey to making a Porn site [Adult Tube]

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start this journey to document the process I have in mind for building a tube site, so far what I have done: -Site's true launch was at the begging of October of this year so it's just a few days old but the domain name was brought in may. -Brought domain name and...
  5. xlighter

    YouTube Monetization disabled :(

    I had pretty good subscribers and views when i started my YouTube channel in 2016. For some reasons i paused my YouTube work for 4 years. since then lot have changed in monetization and other stuff. I have applied for monetization again after years in Jan 2021 to restart my work and got...
  6. crissdinesh

    What is your thought on Lazy load or delay of Adsense?

    Hi All, Is it a good choice to lazy load adsense? I got two ways to do. 1. Lazy Loading ads and the ads will be seen only when user scroll the page. 2. Delay ads for 3-4 secs. I’m able to achieve 90 and 99 above score in mobile and desktop respectively in speed test by Google by satisfying...
  7. R

    Youtube prmium views

    Hello, I need help from someone with a monetized youtube channel. Just curious how much does youtube pay per premium views? I don't know how it works and I can't seem to find an answer on the internet, all I've heard is that these views give more money, do they pay per view? per minute...
  8. webguy2000

    Journey to 1000 TikTok Accounts and $1000 a Day

    This is my first journey and I am very curious to see if this works, and to see if I can profit from it. I have been studying TikTok for about 1 year now and I still see enormous potential with it, especially since they've released Links in Bios and I believe in the not to distant future they...
  9. CreativeDaddy

    IG Update "Doing More to Support Creators on Instagram"

    So Instagram made this update where they are going to put ads on IGTV and Lives and split ads revenue with creators on a 50-50% I think. What are your thoughts about it? I mean is it available for every accounts, does it need to be verified or something? Are those dogs accounts with 500k and 1M...
  10. C

    Drastic dip in search traffic and revenue. Help me, please!

    My site stared losing serious rank starting December end. My traffic and revenue went down by 50% in January, followed by another 50% in February, followed by 60% in March and more than 85% in April. Now, just 2 days back my traffic dipped by more than 95%. Any idea why? Note: Except for URLs...
  11. punk434

    Will YouTube follow Amazon in revenue cut?

    Amazon reduced it's affiliate commission revenue. I think YouTube will also follow the same as Corona affected many industries so the ads will reduced and eventually the ad revenue too. May be it effects AdSense too. What's your opinion guys?
  12. MegaMedic

    Very LOW AdRevenue on YouTube

    My YouTube channel is finally being recommended, I am finally posting one video per day but the results are totally pathetic. Example 1: +10 minutes video, 5 ads inserted Top 3 audience from this video: United States 26.7%, Russia 5.7%, Argentina 3.6% 70k views and 26 dollars? What? Example...
  13. B

    steady fall in adsense $$?

    Hi guys, In the last 3/4 days, a steady fall in the adsense RPM / CPM. my traffic has been down a little bit yet steady. is your adsense also showing something similar? Thanks
  14. akshay_saini

    How to Generate Revenue from you tube channel?

    Hi, One of my friend has his own youtube channel for dance and yoga, although they have cleared the first threshold for generating ads on their channel uploaded videos, but still not generating any revenue, if anyone has any idea please suggest. What we understand till now is dance videos have...
  15. Teeto

    How do you manage you Revenue, Expenses and Profit?

    *How do you Keep track....* I searched for excel sheet templates on google for this and I couldn't find any I could use. Don't know how to make one, so I figured someone on here might have something they are already using or some other similar tool. Kindly share. Thanks.
  16. D

    Journey to 1 million visits per month [ADULT TUBE]

    Hello BHW! I started my journey into the porn world a few weeks ago with a general adult tube. The process has been very tiring, my ultimate goal is getting to 1 million visitors per month or 20,000 per day. At first I set myself some goals for each month; Month 1 Build traffic on social media...
  17. Sasha Santaluchia

    Hello from Italy / Russia ~ Sales Funnel ~

    Hello!! I'm a marketer, recently specialized in Automated Sales Funnels, using chatbots.:D I have my own projects and I already made funnels for them, with good results, but now I want to work with other people and other project to get familiar with the world of work!! Happy to be in this...
  18. KrookedWarden

    Tips for monetizing downloads?

    Hello everyone, Tl;DR: I am looking for methods to generate revenue from the downloading of files from my website. I am currently building a website that has a large repository of files for download, over 15,000+ (not adult). I am looking for advice on the best way to monetize these downloads...
  19. EternalFun

    How much do sites like this make approx?

    Teespring, viralstyle, redbubble, bangwood, wish .com, how much do you think sites like these make in revenue or net profit per month or year? Just having a curiosity to know about such successful ventures.
  20. whois1games

    Increasing the Blog Traffic for AdSense Revenue

    Hello all, My average Visits in my blog is around ~8000/mo. My average revenue for the month is $100. Actually, I want to increase the blog traffic. What can be the Solutions for it? It is better to build the link? Any Ideas are appreciated.
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