1. A

    In need of wise advices! I want my revenge.

    I appeal to the wisdom of the members of this forum. The moron who serves as my ex-partner has written a book. I'm releasing my own book in a month's time and I'm so keen to finish it off with sales and media coverage. He's all happy, bragging on social networks "I've been to this TV-show and...
  2. T

    Black Hat Strategy Consultation

    Black hat freelancers, I am writing to request assistance in developing a strategy to cancel an individual who has stolen several of my digital products and has used them to build a sizeable customer base on Instagram and Facebook. Despite my efforts to pursue legal action against him, he is...
  3. Rolf LeStrange

    Revenge for Marketing?

    Hey, so I had this extremely sh*tty contract role. Basically the employer refused to pay me and kept sending me fake contracts over and over. Then she started bitching at me and tried to bully me into signing the fake contract. Like the devil, she even added a clause that says "all payments to...
  4. agentk007

    Let's play dirty!

    One of the worst things in the wold is clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of an email (from a list you never subscribed to) only to get added to a dozen more. I HATE clicking the unsub link because of that. This was no different: Well... that was yesterday. Today I got 3 new...
  5. B

    Is it Time to Get Even with Google?

    My 15 year old website was recently dropped from the Google index because someone (not me) posted a link to a page within my site on a foreign lanugage blog. Even worse, another of my sites was dropped because someone posted a Blog comment saying: "This is one sick site." One Blog comment...
  6. L

    Success is the Greatest Revenge... right?

    Okay, so I need someone to talk me into NOT taking revenge. Here's the story. I'm an American, came to Thailand in Jan 09 and wanted to make it just on Internet Marketing alone. That didn't work. After 2 months I looked for a job and a Video Production Company in Bangkok hired me as their...
  7. U

    My Twist Using the REVENGE SITE SCRIPT!!!!Please DIGG

    This is my twist to the viral script method. I am giving you my site address but i need you to do something for me in exchange. I would really appreciate a DIGG from you guys... Just click on the link below and press the Digg button.After that click on the title to go to my site...
  8. pennyb

    Need Help With The "Revenge Site" Script

    Can someone please tell me how to fix the '3. hidden set of pictures not showing' bug. Now i have only two sections showing up when the given number of views is reached... If someone knows how to add an extra hidden section, super! but right now i only need the 3. section to work.
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