1. ashu261986

    Xvideo uploading form not opening from last 1 week

    Hello Guys is there anyone who is facing same problem like me xvideos uploading page not loading every time same error msg You have uploaded too many videos for today. Even for new account i tried by switching ips still same issue
  2. Fullest

    JV | Adult JV

    Hi all. -Looking to JV with someone who is experienced with Adult. My side: I can provide Fully Verified Adult Accounts on PH, Xvid, Xham, YP, RT etc. The accounts have increased durability for sending DMs, reupload, commenting, auto-reply, adding friends, and lower ban/ghost percentage...
  3. iloveubanij

    What will be the best way to rank videos on PornHub?

    I have uploaded 4-5 videos around a month ago on pornhub and checked the stats today. It was not good. Should I use a verified profile? to get better views? What's your suggestions???
  4. patadeperro

    Here Are The Results From Analysing 800,000 Videos on Xhamster (Improve Your Results)

    One of the most important tasks you need to realise when you are promoting content into the web is to optimise it to get visits from the search engines, but in an industry so competitive as the adult industry some times it is difficult to separate the noise from the signal, so in order to write...
  5. AnoniX

    Porn upload video views (infothread)

    Hey, i recently start to work a bit with porn uploading. It's hard to find many infos about stats like views in this buisness. So maybe lets share some screenshots and infos about your work. I only upoad on xvideos and atm only self made compilations. Here is how it looks like right now:
  6. F

    Reupload Method 2018: Not Working or Too Saturated?

    I've been using Adrian's Reupload method (well, the method is not his, but I first encountered it reading his post) in the past and made from $100 to $250 per month in 2016 and 2017. I only had one account on Xvideos and had over 600 videos on it! At the time, I didn't realize they have three...
  7. Ecodor

    Reuploading images to instagram?

    Does instagram have some restrictions about reuploading images from celebrities? Does they will ban my acc if i just reupload pictures of celebrities ?