1. J

    Luxury retail in London

    Do any of you have retail promotion ideas for my store, we sell high end wellness goods. The stream of people is inconsistent and the conversion rate in store is very inconsistent. Are there any marketing ideas any of you would have?
  2. P0kem0n

    Making money at sales OFFLINE with ONLINE (BEST WAYS TO DO IT?)

    Hello BHW members, this is my first ever thread started here on BHW. Now, as a novice, I hope to get some interesting and useful insights from more experienced members in regards of my question. So, I do have some knowledge about online and offline marketing in general. Now in this part of my...
  3. Ghoast

    Know Retail Businesses? Send them my way for $$$$$

    I work with retail businesses to give them everything they need to run more efficiently and get more sales. If you know any retail businesses and put me in contact with them I can guarantee at least 1.5k per closed lead. PM me if this sounds interesting. Countries: Any English or Spanish...
  4. O

    Retail status. Question

    How do you do it? I've been talking to manufacturers for my journey. So now I've been working on building up social media accounts so i could send traffic/build a brand. But i was wondering how to enter the world of retail. I already have cheap products directly from multiple manufacturers...
  5. mlg131

    [Journey/Method] Good old fashioned retail business

    That's right folks, a journey that doesn't involve instagram or dropshipping! haha I've got a bit of time on my hands and haven't been on here much lately so thought I might make a post that might help people out. Maybe some of the younger members on here that haven't had much experience in the...
  6. ThisVestMint

    Selling Aliexpress products at local markets? Your thoughts/experiences.

    I had an idea a few months ago to sell some aliexpress products at local markets every weekend or so. I would invest about €500 to get a decent amount of products. I was wondering if anyone had experience in this or had any thought on this as a method to make a bit of cash to reinvest in other...
  7. 2happy2healthy

    Looking for Sales People in AUSTRALIA and SWEDEN

    Hello, We are looking for a motivated Online Sales Professional to join our e-Commerce team. If you love to sell almost as much as you like to make your customers happy, then this role could be for you! What you will bring: Ø A high level of motivation driven by achieving above average...
  8. F

    Wholesale pricing

    Hello guys, Customers been asking for wholesale pricing when buying in bulk. I know I have to make sure I make a profit. If I sell a product online for $11.99, how much should I sell it if someone buys 10+ 20+ 30+ and so on. Any breakdown would be great! Thank you:)
  9. I

    We Dropship Women Clothing's from Dresses,Tops,swimwear,Jeans. Retailers and wholesalers wanted!

    We deal in Women Clothing's from Dresses,Tops,swimwear,Jeans. have a dropship/wholesale program for popular and high selling in demand products. We ship some of our collections from New Jersey and China to worldwide. Profits on these products range from 100% and above depending on what you...
  10. collegeguys4

    high end fashion niche?

    Are there any high end fashion affiliates where you could segment clothing out in the same way that Amazon lets you segment out individual products? I know ebay has some high end clothing but its usually from an older season. I am looking for current season and I see some of the runway...
  11. M

    Can Someone Please Review My Online Store and Offer Some Friendly Advice

    I am not looking for some secret methods or to be spoon fed with exact traffic formulas. I am new to the ecommerce world and would like to know if I am going in the right direction. I am working hard on the look and overall use of the website. I have a lot more products to add but I am making...
  12. P

    Wholescale / Retail Smartphones seller NEEDED

    Hello, If you know/you are someone who sells smartphones in retail or wholescale (cheaper) than the market, please reply here, also i won't buy from anyone unless he has a phone number so emails/skype doesn't work. A phone number from most countries except (African) countries since most of those...
  13. M

    Looking for a dropship company for Men and Women Apparel & Accessories

    Hey, I am looking for low wholesale cost dropshippers that have huge stocks of men and women clothing & accessories for dropship. I am starting a website and would like to stock it with men and women clothing. I tried those wholesale dropship companies in China but the problem I have is the...
  14. T

    Help Wanted for Online Retail Site - Black Hat Techniques

    I have an online retail site in what I believe is a pretty competitive market. I was wondering if there are any preferred Black Hat techniques for online retail sites in order to drive good traffic that converts well. I built a few blogs and that I optimized for my keywords, bought some links...
  15. AdisLCS

    Reliable Supplier and Products Wanted - Misc Items

    Hi guys I decided to go into physical goods. Nothing like feeling cash in your hands :-), seeing it in bank is not the same. Anyways, I am unsure of product yet and am open to suggestions. But here are some pointers. Obviously it should be in demand items. Mark Up: Preferably I am...
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