1. G

    A quick question about a method

    Hello BHW! It's my first post here, and I'm going to get to the question straight away: Is it legal to make a fake job offer for example on Craigslist, collect resumes from people, and then sell information about them? Like their email, phone number, etc.
  2. ottidex


    upwork keeps removing for posts..just need someone with experience on job sites Post jobs for me giveme the details we can talk if it sticks and I get resumes applicants I work with bitcoins Or teach me what am doing wrong. P.S
  3. unknownymous

    'IM' listed on JOB experience Resume...?!

    Of course we all know (or just me) that marketing online is not gonna last long.. I guess 4-5 yrs or something, It's changing every time and it is hard to adjust every update every method saturation. -_- Aside from online job, Some of you guys have offline job too. Am i right? I guess i have...
  4. C

    1000 Resumes

    I have collected over 1000 resumes in the last few weeks sending people to my job offers. Is there any way I can monetize the resumes now that I have them?
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