1. dakudaddy

    [Lifetime Account] Get Rezi Account Free For Lifetime

    Hey BHW Family Just Go To Choose Lifetime Validity Then Use Code [hirednow] and Your Lifetime account is activated :)
  2. designer style

    CVs & Resumes in 2070

  3. AussieDollar

    Wordpress resume site

    Hello, I'm looking for a way/plugins to create a website where visitors can post their own resumes or fill templates for a resume. Basically a website where 100's of people can post their resumes. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. vigyavan

    Bill Gates Resume When He Was Just 18

  5. L

    I need help in my resume

    Can some one please help me in my resume and make it very attractive for me please Thank You
  6. TheGreyMatter

    ❇️❇️ Build Your Personal Brand with a Digital Resume! Boost Your Online Presence | GET ONE NOW! ❇️❇️

    Handing over papers is a thing of the past, upgrade to 2020 with a Digital Resume! Curious about the plans? Here you go: FAQs: How do I place an order? You can simply fill in the purchase form and make the payment. Our team will get in touch with to confirm some more details. Can I...
  7. L

    Help me in my CV

    Hello can some one please help me in my cv resume i started applying for job on jobs website i want my cv to look very very professional or i want my v to be online can some one please help me Thank You
  8. thefourowls

    Should you add online courses to your resume?

    So i´ve been doing some online courses related to digital marketing on udemy, google digital academy, coursera, etc etc I was wondering and googling about the possible benefits that an online course like those could bring if added to your resume. After searching the web i found that it could...
  9. T

    Where to find leads for resume writing business?

    I've been making $80 - $100 a week from writing resumes for people. I'm pretty decent with it too, but I don't think I'm a pro. I charge $20 to clean up a current resume and $35 for a resume from scratch... however, I go up every other week on prices. But I keep it low to drive in some sales...
  10. T

    I need to hire a good resume writer

    Someone who's good at writing resumes, I just need 1 person for now. I have an opportunity for you right now to make $55.00 to write out someone a Federal Resume. You must be good at writing resumes, and must send me a sample or two. & This could be consistent work, because I'm starting to...
  11. G

    A quick question about a method

    Hello BHW! It's my first post here, and I'm going to get to the question straight away: Is it legal to make a fake job offer for example on Craigslist, collect resumes from people, and then sell information about them? Like their email, phone number, etc.
  12. Z

    Resume Builder Affiliate Program

    Hi! We are going to launch our new Resume Builder Website soon, similar to myperfectresume. Our affiliate marketing plan offers 1.20$ for each unique qualified lead (Name and Email). - Would you be interested in working with us ? - Which affiliate network do you advice for this business ...
  13. R

    Looking for affiliates for Affiliate Program

    Hello, Please advise where I can find traffic for this product - is an online self-service resume builder where job-seekers can build professional resumes in minutes. We help job-seekers create resumes, cover letters and keep track of their job applications. You can...
  14. Santino Lucien

    Looking for someone who can build nice resumes in word

    Hi friends, i'm looking for someone who can build resumes in word. I can send an psd how it should look like. So the first task would be to build a word resume out of a psd resume. If you're a german speaker that would be beneficial but not necessary. PM me if you're interested. THANKS...
  15. popzzz

    [GET] Resume Writing Secrets - PLR

    Resume Writing Secrets - PLR If you're wanting to craft out an attractive and professional resume, then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read...
  16. eddie_v

    Free Online Resumes and domain names for those with day jobs

    Im going to start the method mentioned in this thread here For this i have created a website and am currently in the process of creating a portfolio which will include real resumes with top level...
  17. sfidirectory

    Is it a good idea to have social share buttons on your online resume?

    Hi everyone, Out of all the blackhat sites I have worked on, I have one that I keep strictly white hat (no mass commenting, bots, junk traffic, etc) - and I am wondering would it look unprofessional and "tacky" if I place social share buttons on my online resume? I was going to add
  18. zoomsixx

    Been doing IM 10+ years full time I want to get a job and don't know where to start

    As the title says. I have been doing IM 10+ years full time I want to get a job and don't know where to start. I never pursued a degree in anything although I do have some college credits accumulated. I have 10+ years experience doing this and just don't know how I would put that on a resume...
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