1. JohnyMSF

    What do you do, when you are not working / for relax

    Hello everybody, Live strict life is not effective at all, I need to relax from time to time, get a new energy. The problem is, I cutted almost everything: sleep, girlfriend, friends, family... Few years ago, I felt into depression a little bit because of that. (Doesn't matter I feel good now)...
  2. T

    Python DjangoREST API Best Practices.

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie in building APIs and want to try doing it. So my choice of technology in building an API tool is Python Django REST framework since I'm already using Python in my other projects. Where I can find any resources or references to learn best practices in building a RESTful...
  3. somethingclever

    looking for affiliates that have an Api Or soap services

    I program php pretty fluently and have worked with wsdl and rest protocols and I was wondering if any one here has any links to good affiliate programs that have api's. Thanks
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