1. opscurus

    Does reposting from TikTok to Youtube Shorts & IG Reels work?

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone here certainly knows whether this works or not. I'm thinking of reposting viral TikTok videos (without watermark) on to Youtube Shorts and Instagram/Facebook Reels. Did anyone manage to get more than 100 views? Or go viral-ish? So far I posted 1 video on YT and...
  2. afloat

    Is IG reposting dead?

    It's almost as if there isn't a single page that sits above 100k in niches that were easy to grow a few years ago, I remember researching other competitors when starting out and every single one had crazy engagement and high followings. Growing to 100k didn't take months and engagement always...
  3. small_town_boy

    Which crossposting tool works to post images from Instagram to Twitter?

    Before you recommend IFTTT - it doesn't work. I tested it. It just doesn't work. Defective program. The original repost tool from instagram sucks as well. Why? Because it does not post the image. Only link to the image. So what automation tool is there to automatically repost from instagram to...
  4. Doctor Strange

    Reposting Suggestion

    Hey bros, Two of my competitors make nice infographics. Each photo has a logo of the page. Now what if I download the photos, Change the logos with mine, Change properties & MD5 and then upload? I will not give credit in the description. Will I face any issue in the future? Anyone doing this??
  5. Coldi123

    New channels are reposting my videos and i cant even stop them?

    Hello BHW I do have a youtube channel with a viral niche where i am making very good revenue with it. But i have a problem with few new channels, they are reposting my videos by zooming, resizing, flipping, and adding there new musics and those videos looks very different but those are mine...
  6. icemetal

    Some website is reposting my content?

    Hello everyone. I've been working on a website for a few months now and things are going well. I'm steadily rising in the serps and adding new content. However, the other day I noticed some strange blogging site re-posting my content. The reason I found out is because I got a "pingback" request...
  7. F

    Jarvee Repost Question

    first post, occasional lurker, hope not to cock it up... So I’ve been running jarvee for a year on a free amazon web server only reposting, didn’t want to get into like/unlike and follow/unfollow, just reposting. For the last year, we’ve used the same hashtags in every post never had an issue...
  8. P

    Using datacenter + 4G proxy on same account twice

    What do you think about using datacenter proxies for F/UF, Comment, Story Viewing, Likes & using 4G Proxies only for reposting on the same account? Could you use maybe 100 accounts and more on a single 4G proxy only for reposting? Each account would use the proxy for 2 - 3 times a day. But...
  9. Uzii

    Soundcloud reposting as a traffic source?

    Does anyone have experience with soundcloud reposting? I suppose the description could be a decent traffic source
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