reporting software

  1. chn0

    Creating reports for digital marketing clients.

    Hello BHW, Im looking for reporting software to save me some time, sending out reports to my clients. So, what is the software that you currently use for SEO/ marketing reports? For new peeps what would be a system you would recommend for a new digital marketing/seo/ agency business in 2020...
  2. A

    Instagram Analytics platform you're using [SURVEY]

    Hey IG users, Looking for some feed back since I know some of you work with Instagram a lot. If you don't mind answering this, I'd really appreciate it :D. - What IG accounts are you working with? Child accounts/Bots or official accounts (companies/agency) - What analytics tool(s) do you use...
  3. Stencil

    Call Tracking and Routing platform for France and Germany?

    As the title says, Looking for a platform that can help track and route calls for France and Germany, Something like Ringba(dot)com (They don't support those GEOs) I am using Ringba for Japan, US and CA but after several hours of google search I couldn't find any that would do FR and DE. All the...
  4. proofoflife

    Advice and Opinions on Reporting Tools

    Hi guys, it's my first post so be gentle on me. Could anyone recommend any reporting tools that gather info from adowrds, bing and GA? I currently use supermetrics and I am not a fan, it's clunky, not user friendly and over complicated. I need to create eleven reports a day so I need a really...
  5. someguy

    Reporting Google Places tool?

    Hi there, I am optimizing for Google Places. Is there any tool that can generate ranking-reports for natural Google results (with Places entries included) or Google Places results alone? It does not have to be free, I am willing to pay for a good tool. Thanks!
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