report abuse

  1. B

    Seeking for Youtube Report service

    I am seeking for some (paid) service that offers mass reports over Youtube videos. Any help appreciated.
  2. B

    How to report abuse at Google?

    Hello everyone! I got problem and need to solve as quick as I can. My client is controlling first 5-6 results on first page for the "brand name" search. From 6-10 position is dancing & showing 1 forum post that is saying that my client is scammer and similar stuff (making bad reputation and...
  3. auxiliarus

    What's with the YouTube ban thing?

    Hey there, I viewed a lot of YouTube videos and found that most of everyone do videos just for few days because they know it's going to get banned. I wanted to make some videos too, but I want them to stay forever... I just wanted to ask does YouTube ban for random people reporting your video...
  4. R

    Bring down a fan page

    IS there any way to bring down a fan page ? Please do reply ..
  5. S

    how to remove a bad review (blog article) from the 2st page in serp?

    I have a problem which needs to be solved. If you google this name in google, the first post is a blog article giving a very bad review for a web development project dissing the company and the owner (i don't want to name names because i don't want to bring more visitors to that page). The...
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