1. M

    Safe limits for bulk tweeting the same text?

    Hello, I am trying to contact everyone on Twitter how has tweeted a certain keyword. I have scraped their information and drafted tweets to tweet @ them in bulk. But before I even got to the automated part used, Twitter flagged me! I was manually tweeting @ the accounts, maybe...
  2. FivelSection9

    Best way to Mass Reply to Tweets on Twitter

    I don't want a bunch of people telling me not to do this. I already do it and I get great results, I can also mass create accounts so It's not that big a deal if they get banned. What I want to is what are the things I should pay attention to. Like how many max a day? Best program to spin...
  3. P

    Old Twitter tricks still working

    Hi guys for one week now i'm managing the communication campaign for a friend's of mine crowdfounded movie project. As she has something like $0 budget and I didn't wanted to spend too much Time I decided to promote her YouTube trailer and facebook page using twitter's old trick consisting in...
  4. G

    Working on Twitter marketing script

    Hello blackhaters, I am releasing a script that will send automatic messages to those who tweet specific keywords, and/or are located in a specific area. It will be hosted one and crons, multiple IPs...will do the JOB, and of course you can set different message to @rely sent randomlly and...
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