Is there a similar affiliate network like Agora?

    Hey guys, I got a very sad email from Agora Affiliate Network AM's: "We’ve made the decision to part ways with CAKE and replace it with a much more robust affiliate management software. We are confident that this move will position us for the most success in the future and can’t wait to share...
  2. V

    Damaging MacBook for a replacement?

    So Apple screwed me over and they made me pay for a repair. Even it is a new MacBook still on the basic warranty and I also have the extended warranty. on the top of that the MacBook works actually much slower after their "repair." since I paid a lot of money for this machine and I use it daily...
  3. B

    Why people are still talking about making high PR blog comments links?

    Google PR stopped updating in the year of 2014, but I can still find some posts say high PR blog comments works directly or indirectly, is there something that I missed, I've been looking for the replacement of Google PR, Alexa doesn't seem to be satisfying, could someone light me up on this...
  4. J

    How to gauge website authority/value when linkbuilding now PR will not be updated?

    As I am sure many of you will already know Google will not be updating the page rank stats any more so what was once in most cases a good way of gauging where to build your links is no longer feasible. Of course you can still check PR but the longer that passes by the more change these sites...