1. S

    SQL Query for wp_posts Wordpress

    I want a query that finds the first occurrence of "Word" in each post_content field, replaces it with a hyperlink. This did not work My posts are in draft.
  2. C

    [ASK] About video player movie (wordpress)

    Hi, Sorry, if i make a new thread and wrong section. I assume, i have 10k video, with aaa player. the question is.. how to change aaa player to bbb player at once? is there any plugin? or i must change manually? thanks.
  3. freething

    Find & Replace

    I am in need of the fastest search & replace software on the market, that will zip through text, html or xml. anyone know of any good ones?
  4. D

    pay for Explaining this SEO TECHNIC

    Can anybody tell me how this technic works <?mumps replace("menu_dutch.txt")?> <?mumps endreplace?> as anybody will teach me I will pay him per paypal. contact me by skype uweleitner
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