1. R_Fatale

    Advice on release forms, for porn models and producers.

    Hello everyone! If any of you have had done photography shoots/produced content commercially or worked in the filming industry, I have some questions that you might be able to help me with. I'd like to know what is a release form? How can it be used? Why is it important to have a release...
  2. ftdev

    Good Programmer to Code/write PP Bypass Code

    I need a good programmer who can code both complex & simple script to bypass PP 21 days. We'll discuss about this in details during interview. Please, send details of previous work with reference & price quotation. Thanks
  3. J

    I need some BETA-testers for TaskCrypter (local content locker)

    Hey Guys, I need about 5 BETA-tester for my new tool "TaskCrypter". TaskCrypter is a program that keeps a password. The "victim" has to fill out an CPA-offer to get the Password ;) It's perfect for anybody who earns his money with downloads! So if you want to make money - PM me :D Sry...
  4. R

    Need a writer

    I looking for a writer who can write good quality articles, somewhat fast. If you have SEO experience, keep that handy as well. I also need some Press Releases written for me (possibly SEO'd), topics under review atm. Please PM me with your service and I will decide whether you are fit for it or...